Deadpool Story: The World Every Change Vol.1 Read Count : 12

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Sub Category : Adventure

Chapter 5: back to America for long time

Deadpool going to meet marvel superheroes like Iron Man, BlackPanther, spider-man and spider-girl and more superhero. Deadpool think working regular  job. Like business company. Kaoru sayama says to deadpool I love you deadpool because your good guy in day deadpool walking by store and deadpool saw two man attacking a woman in the store. Time for hero save the woman in the store. Deadpool enter the store. Deadpool defend the woman from the two man. Deadpool attack both catch them up. Both them try fight deadpool back not happen now. Deadpool punch them in the face. They stop fighting against deadpool. Deadpool catch them and waiting for the police to come.The woman says Thank you deadpool and can you and I hanging out. Deadpool says I love someone else and I will hanging out with you and my love.

Deadpool hug the woman and goodbye. Deadpool says what is your name? The woman says my name is noor. Deadpool says are you working in this place noor? Noor says yeah I work here deadpool. Deadpool I will see for next time noor and goodbye, good luck. The chapter 5 end here. 


  • Deadpool is back to new york city

    Mar 19, 2019

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