Nathan Monceaux The Midnight Walk Collection Story One The Wolf Boy Part 1 Read Count : 3

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Story 1 The wolf boy part 1 

October 31, 1922, Clifton Castle Arizona 

Barbra a man shouted into the night sky while running in the middle of the woods holding a hunting rifle John could hear footsteps surrounding him. he turned right from left side to side until all there was to see was Barbra's dead corpse hanging from a tree No! he screamed 

November 1, 1922, Clifton Castle Arizona 

it had been at least one month or one day ago before Barbra's Death and John was feeling very depressed but when he sat down on the old brown coffee stained colored chair to only turn the television on 

Breaking News The newsman yelled while a picture of a werewolf appeared right next to him people in Clifton Castle Arizona have spotted some kind of creature lurking in the Clifton Castle National Forest. and police are warning citizens to stay away from the area until further notice.

John looked up and then got up to walk into the kitchen then he walked up to a Jrore and opened it to find pictures of him and his wife Barbra. then he looks up 

Clifton Castle Arizona Entrance Road 

Charles had a Ciggeret in his mouth and he was driving his red classic on the road entrance to Clifton Castle while listing to Another one bites the dust 

Let's go 

Steve walks warily down the street with the brim pulled way down low ain't no sound but the sound of speed machine guns ready to go are you ready hey are you ready for this. are you hanging on the edge of your seat out of the doorway the bullet Rip to the sound of the beat, yeah Another one bites the dust Another one bites the dust and Another one gone, and Another one Gone Another one bites the dust Hey, I'm gonna get you Too. Another one bites the dust 

But then he stops at a Gas Station he climbed out the car and turned to face it Stay safe Christine he said while walking up to the door while walking in. but as he passed the entrance to the building there was a missing child poster that had the name, Eddie Wayne  foster  

as he walked up to the front counter he saw a man with a light blue dirty shirt with a brown cap and he was wearing glasses he also had an apron on a white apron he was fat and he had brown hair. What would ya like Fella he asked a filler up, please Charles replied as the man walked around the counter and out the door to fill up the classic as Charles started to walk down the row he could see potato chip bags and gummy bear bags and all those kind of snacks as the man walked back in he walked up to Charles and said Okay that should be it pay up Please. as Charles paid him he would soon find himself staring at his car that had claw marks on it WHAT THE FUCK! he yelled in so much anger while taking out his switchblade and switching the blade out Okay asshole ya wanna play games let's play he said while walking back into the building but only to see no one at the counter 

To be continued in part 2 


  • Feb 09, 2019

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