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Hi my name is blance and I just turned 20 a month ago here's my story of the midnight story

Once I was going to my grandma's house I was an hour or two away and I was 30 minutes away and I was on this Slim Road and there was no cars around and no light except for my car lights and I was alone in the car I was trying to look for a gas station cuz my car is running out gas quickly not too far from my car there was a light in the distance it look like a gas station I think I pulled in the parking lot there's no cars except one other so I got out of my car but there's was no side so I guess it was a gas station so I went inside the store it is Old Man greeted me at the counter and I walk pass him on all the shelves there was normal stuff so I did I expect Anythink what's weird about this place I looked at my wrist watch and it was 12:10 so just a little bit past midnight I was looking around and I grab some chips they said extremely spicy and I grab another bag of chips and I said the same thing every food with spicy here so then I went 2 the bathroom in front of the door there was caution tape but I don't know why but I opened it in right in front of me there was a dead body it looked like it was sitting there for a week or two I walked a Little Closer every door shut right behind me and I jumped and I kept trying and trying to open it 30 minutes has passed and it will smelled really bad in there and it was 12:50 and I heard the man yell we're about to close and my lights are flickering on and off in the bathroom and then I fate I wake up at 3 a.m. bad I can't move or talk all I can do is move my eye I look around the corner I can barely see a shadow I have a kids setting in the corner is very dark and there but I think the kid was smiling and I looked at the body but it was not there I was trying to scream and the kid had five fingers up and he said for 3 as he gat closer and he said 2 and when he said to he was right in front of my face he was smiling real big and blood was Dripping down from his teeth and then the lights turned on and he was gone I woke up in the hallway what is the bathroom door was right in front of me open and the man at the counter was staring at me saying what happened and I said what happened he said I fainted when I open the door everything was still same as before but the body wasn't there and I asked what is the body and he said what body what's a weird look on his face she said I guess he had a bad dream why you fainted so I quickly got up and just get out of there I looked in my car mirror and there are still a drop of blood on my face I did not I think that was a dream and in the bushes not too far from my car someone smiled real big so I got my car out there really quick I checked the time and it was 1 in the morning when I got to my grandma's house I told her everything about it and she said you just had a encounter with the body taker you go into the store and if you go to the bathroom hallucinate something very scary and he'll play games with you 2 think  there is something that is not there and why you're fated he will take your soul the capture it and use your body is it the other illusion for the next person to come and then she said you luckily made it out with your life I was so surprised and then I called my mom and dad but of course they did not believe it and ever since that day I never go driving at night.

WAIT for book 2


  • I love it

    Feb 09, 2019

  • Not bad, I would recommend changing a few words and a little tweaking. To tell you what I mean, instead using the description and word "slim road" you should use a word like "narrow road" as a description. If you have trouble with this download a "Thesaurus" to assist you. It can be frustrating thinking of using the right words, but it will help immensely.

    Feb 09, 2019

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