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It was a Saturday alex and his wife lux drove  to his brothers house,his brother's name was keaton. Keaton was also married to his wife and her name was Lendy. Keaton and lendy had a kid his name was Ezikeal. Alex was driving when he noticed a guy going crazy chasing a deer because keaton and lendy lived in the mountains, they are rich as fuck. Alex thought it was just a crack head. So he didn't think much of it. Ezikeal was 17 and like all teenagers he smokes marijuana  but he is a good kid. So alex and lux drove up to the drive way, lendy and keaton was already waiting outside for them. Alex parks the car and turns it off then he gets out and starts to  walk up to keaton and lendy with lux following him.

"What's up bro?" alex said while he hugged keaton since they haven't seen each other for 3 months. "Nothing just been chilling. What about you?" keaton said

Alex points to lux "well lux is pregnant other than that nothing just been thinking about what happened 3 months ago." alex said

Keaton looks at alex and grabs his shoulder and they start walking into the house lux and lendy start talking and walk with keaton and alex

" i cant believe that keaton and alex finally talk after 3 months that's not like them." lendy said

"Well keaton did punch alex for no reason." lux said

Keaton opened the door to his house and walked in with everyone following him when they were in the house they noticed that hailee, avi, juan, Keaton's, Alex's and hailee's mom and dad was there in the kitchen they all greeted each other while they were waiting for other family members to show up for the party so keaton decided to turn the tv on when the news was on saying that everyone needs to stay indoors and don't drink the water because it has been contaminated by a virus That's making people go insane that there eating each other and who ever gets bite gets infected. So the government is telling people to arm themselves stay inside and hope for the best.

Alex looks at keaton and walks up to him

"Keaton what the fuck is this? Are you playing a practical joke?" alex asked

(With a worried expression on his face)

"No bro this is no joke. I think this is real so what we are going to do is wait for the other family members show up." keaton said

Lux pulls alex into Keaton's kitchen

" That dude he was running after that deer do you think he is one of them?" lux asked

"Look everything will be ok we are just going to have to wait and see what happens im not going to let you get hurt ok" alex said

Alex kisses lux and hugs her tight then they both walk into the room where everyone was scared.

" attention everyone,we need to tell you something." (alex gets interrupted with the door bell) "riiiiiiiiiiiiiiing"

Alex and keaton walk up to the door and saw that cruz was at the door so we pulled him in and slammed the door behind him. Cruz is a like a brother to keaton and alex.

" guys there is something out there eating other living beings i had to kill one on the way up here so we need to barricade the windows and the doors!" cruz said

" ok so we need to get into groups,one group to go out there and see if there is any more of those things and one to stay and barricade." alex said

" ok who will go out there and who will stay." keaton said

"Ok who wants to go out there with me?" alex asked the group

"I am." cruz said

"Me to." keaton said

"Im going to." lux said

"Ok anyone els wants to go?" alex asked

No one els said anything so cruz,alex,keaton and lux went to the kitchen abd grabbed some knives to defend themselves against anything out there then they went to the door and opened it to the  out side and walked out while the rest of the group barricaded the windows and doors.

They searched the area but saw nothing so the group that was outside making sure it was safe went back to the house and waited it out they only have enough food to last a couple of months.

3 weeks later

Its been a couple of weeks they have only seen a couple of the dead and they set up some traps and fences to keep the group safe and they don't have to worry about food at the moment but while Alex's group was comfortable in there little home the outside world was getting over ran by the dead hundreds dead people hiding and killing one another and just going to shit.

Its the end of the month and the food is tuning out because there is 11 mouths to feed and more of the dead come up to the mountain they see at least 4 a day now so keaton called in a emergency meeting.

The whole group met in the living room to talk.

"Ok the reason im gathering you guys up for an emergency meeting is because we are running out of food fast me and a small group of us needs to go into the city that's closest to us and the rest of the group needs to start a farming station in side the gates of our home." keaton said

"Ok so why are we running out of food?" lendy asked

"Babe there is 11 of us in here i thought the food would have lasted but it didn't." keaton said

" well then you be safe out there ok i love you." lendy said

" well im gonna join you." alex said

"You already know im gonna go with you no question." cruz said

"Me to." ramie said

"And me." lux said

Keaton,alex,cruz,lux, and ramie walk out side they look behind them and see that the rest of the group was watching them leave.

"Juan i want you to get the wooden planks from the back and make a barricade and make the fence bigger by the time i get back." keaton said

"Ok first of all we need to get ready to go out there." alex said

So the team walked around to get weapons alex grabbed an axe, keaton grabbed a baseball bat, lux grabbed a staff, ramie grabbed a bow,and cruz grabbed a machete then they walked up to ramies truck and hopped in,then ramie drove to the city.

When they got close to the city the road was already filled with the dead and cares there was no way in so ramie parked the truck and every one got out

" What the hell happened here?" keaton asked

"It went to shit is what happened." cruz said

"So now what do we do." ramie said

"You see those military solders,they have some guns we can sneak past them and get those guns they are already dead." lux said

"Or we can save the trouble and go through that building that is next to the solders and go around the dead ones." keaton said

Alex looks around and thinks and finally he chooses to go through the building


  • Very good reminds me of the stand

    Feb 09, 2019

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