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(You): "Please, I mean no harm. I just wandered here by following that path over there" <You turn to the side to point at the distant path out to the side> " My name is Sagamie. I am not even armed. See." <You show them you have no weapons nor armor>

(Lilly): "Okay,  Sag-what was it again? "

(You): "Sagamie, but you can call me Sage, if my name is hard to pronounce"

(Lilly): "Okay, Sage. Oh!  Where are my manners!? I'm Lillian, Head Guard of Mellii Village, but you can call me Lilly. " <She gives a look to the guard standing behind her> "And that's my younger brother,  Wyatt. Don't worry about him. He's  just been on edge...  since our Lord was killed." <she stares blankly at the ground and you see her wipe a tear from her face.>

(You): <You look over her shoulder and see Wyatt shed a tear as well. You can tell they were close to their former Lord based off of their reactions> "I-I'm sorry for your loss." <They get more emotional, so you quickly change the subject> "I'm lost, you see. Does this village have an inn that I could possibly stay at?"

(Lilly): "I am afraid we have no inn for you, but we do have some empty houses. You may stay at one of them for the time being. Tomorrow morning, i'll send the second or third in command to help you get to your home village."

(You): "Thats very kind of you, but I don't what to be a burden."

(Lilly): <She looks at you and smiles> "Nonsense! We invited you. You will not be a burden."

(You): "Thank you so very much, but there's a slight problem to that plan... " <You look at the path and then back at them> "I-I I don't know where i'm from. "

<They both jump back and look very, very, confused. They are looking at you and seem like they are about to laugh a few minutes later. Probably thinking you are playing a joke on them. >

(Wyatt): "Is, is this some JOKE!?"

<Before you have time to answer Lilly jumps in>

(Lilly): "Miss Sage, what do you mean by you don't know where your from?"

(You): "I have no idea where I came from. All I remember is me waking up and I was on a path. This person ran in the direction of a path branching off of mine. I ran after him, hoping if I caught up to him I would be able to ask him where I was. Next thing I knew, I was walking up to the front gate here, where I meet you guys."

(Lilly): <She examines you to see if you are hurt> "You have no physical wounds,  but once we put you in a house you to stay at, i'll have the town doctor examine you for amnesia."

Your last choice showed you're polite and can be provisional even if it is scary facing to guards on edge with swords and armor, while you have nothing. This was a good call. Well done.


1. Stay at the house they are offering 

2. Reject their offer and find another village to stay at. 


  • Feb 08, 2019

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