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A little boy

Made of joy

Heard a sound

But no one around

Everyone was asleep

So they heard not a peep

He felt a hand on his leg

So he jumped back in bed

He saw a face

His heart beating at a fast pace

The fear could not get out

He had his eyes out and about

He calmed down soon

And stared at the moon

The thing stood there

And had not a care

The face was half eaten

Its heart was not beatn'

The face of the boy

Had zero joy

The thing moved closer

And closer

He ran away

He wanted to run til day

He stopped

And plopted 

Right onto the floor

He could not go anymore

A hand on his shoulder

Was firm like a boulder

Its hand had no skin

It had a evil grin

There is no Safe Place

In this scary race

You can not out beat

Your heart will stop

And when your up there

You will soon find 

The Safe Place

Don't let your fears stop you

Keep on moving forward

And you will find the

New you.


  • Feb 08, 2019

  • Feb 08, 2019

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