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Chapter 7

The Truth, The Guilty and The Acceptance

Warning: Longest Chapter

Miss Kōdō Point Of View

I know they're hiding something from me. It is time to learn the truth, what are they hiding from me.

"Everyone! Family Meeting!"

Victoria: "*Yawns* I'm comin'."

Cookie: "Oh my, what's this about? Did Margaret got into the peanutbutter again?"

Margaret: "Hey! I thought we decided to move on from that!"

"Calm down! And sit!"

Then all sit on then left couch in a row. Victoria immediately felled a on Margaret's shoulder, Cookie was fiddling with her own hair and Margaret was texting on her phone. This kinda ticked me off cause none of them are taking this seriously.

"*Slammed* Pay Attention, This Is Serious!!!"

All of them sat up straight, hands on their laps and eyes staring directly at me.

"*Sighed* Much better~"

Then I'd point at Victoria, she still didn't told me what her job yet.

"What's your job?"

"*Gulped* I-I work at... t-the Mafia."

So that's why she didn't want to tell me.


"Since when?!"

"Forget about when, it's how did you even got caught up with the Mafia in the first place?!"

"I... uh~ I kinda... killed someone?"

"Makes sense."

"How?! And I mean how in anyway does that make sense?!"

Then Margaret's face changed into no expression. Until slowly she put on a devilish smile.

"Victoria made a friend~"

"Huh?! W-what are you talking about?"

"Let draw a picture here.

'You meant a Mafia man, who was being followed by the government. He bumped into you, you try to help him and got yourself both caught.

While driving in the car you were recently in, the Mafia came a hit the until it stop. You both were dragged into an building but you refused to do it.

But the two men told you if you didn't move they'll kill the Mafia man. So when you are at the top of the building, you took one guns from one of the two men.

One of the men were going to shoot the Mafia, but you couldn't allow that. In result you kill him in cold blood.'

Am I right?"

I stared at Margaret then at Victoria, Victoria is totally shock. Margaret must been right.

"How did you know all of that?"

"There's no way you guessed all of that."

"*Giggled* But what if I did?~"

"Cookie your next."

"Wait what?!"

"What have you been doing without me knowing?"

"Well *Nervous Coughed* I don't really assuming of me. I---"

"Cookie~ Are you trying to pull a joke, cause I don't understand. I told you to tell me what have you been doing behind my back, SO WASTING MY BLOODY TIME!"

"Y-yes ma'am---"

"*Sighed* I'm very sorry. I didn't mean to yell, it just pissed off at the fact your not telling me anything. I just make sure your alright."

"I'm sorry for lying Miss Kōdō. To be honest, I have done something unspeakable. So I decided not to tell."

"Unspeakable? What did you do?"

"*Sighed* You know about the missing disappearances of Mr. ×××××?"

Her saying that made remember that night she came home crying. No, she didn't.

"Cookie, did you kidnapped then killed him?"

"I actually did more than that."

"What do mean?"

"... I dissected him."


"*Vomits* Gross~"

Poor Victoria, guess she couldn't handle it. Margaret looks like she been scarred. And Cookie, she was carrying this buried.

"I'd used his human part for my experiments."

"That's enough Cookie, we understand. Right girl?!"

You better support your sister.

"Of course, *Vomiting* we will."

"Yep, yep! Hey Cookie, are some kind of evil scientist? Like in those horror movies."

"... actually, when I about it. I'm kinda am."


Thank you Margaret for lighting up the mood.

"Okay Margaret. It's your turn. Who do you keep texting to on your phone. It better not be a boyfriend again."

"No, no, no! I don't give my boyfriends my numbers remember. I only give my number to my friends~"

"Okay~ whose your friend you talking to?"


"Who's James?"

"The Headless Man, of course."

"Wait what!!! Your actually friends with The Headless Man?!"

"Whose the headless man? I thought he was just a rumor."

"Nope, he's real. Werewolves, Vampires and Zombies are real too. Actually there's this small bar I offen visit to, James owns it."

This was so dark and serious before, now this is just weird.

"Okay, now you know what we been hiding. It's your turn!"

Trying to put dirty on me now huh? Let's get it over with.

"Huh? okay. What do want to know?"




They're idiots.

"Oh! Oh! I got one!"

And here we go.

"Why are you a good cook?"

Too easy.

"Because I been cooking most of my entire life. I got this passion from my dad who was a chef."


"I got one for you! Who is that girl you spent so much with?!"

That all you got.

"He is my childhood friend and we go to the same school together. He always ask me to study with him, so that's why we spend together so much."



Looks like Victoria thinking, that fine. Whatever her question, I answer it no problem.

"Why don't we have parents?"


Huh?! Is right. What is she thinking? Why would she want to know that of all things.

"Oh, can also add to that. What's like to have dad?"

"... well, having a dad is like. A man that you look up to and that takes care of you in a time of need."

"Like James..."


"One time, James help me when I needed the most. He took cared of me even though I was human. Plus that he would always treat me as a child too. *Giggled*"

"That actually is a good example."

"Now for your first question. It's true you don't have parents but you have me, your caretaker. Which is similar to parent. But don't you get any ideas! You can call me big sister or Miss Kōdō, nothing more!"

After we all had that conversation, my days are always been more and more... active. Every is more open now, and they would actually tell me the truth of what they been doing.

Margaret story is understandable in a way. But Victoria and Cookie, I gave them both a beating. Like I said to Margaret; 'Killing is bad, no matter what's the reason.'

And if they ever did murder again I would punishment dearly. Because they need to learn life has consequences. They just can't do that, without regret.


Margaret Point Of View

Why? Why did you do that? Big sister. I know you said that they deserve it, but... they were in pain.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, I'd turn around and saw James.

'Are you alright? Something is bothering you.'

Doesn't he mean; 'is there' something bothering you? Or am I just that obvious.

"My sister got punished very hard."

'Your meaning Victoria and Cookie. Why were they punished?'

"For murder..."

'So it's like that huh?'

"*Nodded* yes, it is."

'I assuming you don't understand, right?'

"Look at you, whose the psychic now?"

'Not true. Besides, didn't you say psychic powers comes from the mind. How can I be if I have no head.'

"*Giggled and Sighed*"

'You know, your big sister only did it because she cared.'

"Huh? Because she cared? I'm sorry, but don't follow."

'She didn't want to hurt them. But because your sisters done, they needed to understand that they can't just those types of things like it's nothing. Do get now?'

To be honest, I did. At very beginning I knew. But I just didn't accept it, until now. 'Killing is bad, no matter what's the reason.'

'Hey, are you reading? Talk to me, your making me worry.'


'Yeah, what's is it?'

"Every I was taught to this world I'm been thinking."

'Oh? About what?'


'That's my name.'

"I want to become a superhero!"

James Point Of View

She gotta be kidding me.

'Look Margaret. I'm will to support you and all, but a superhero. That's like a pig trying fly like superman, and we both know that's never going to happen anytime soon.'

"Come on James~ You just have to believe in me."

'Well, I do believe you will fail.'





Then Margaret slowly walk to a light pole, she'd grab it and pulled it out of the ground.

She is pissed off, again!

For people don't know what's happening right now. In the last chapter, when Margaret gets really angry she becomes well... she what's you call violent. Building herself with rage, get gives her the strength to do incredible things. The only problem is... she can't control it.

Margaret roared at me, then she threw the light pole at me like it was a spear. I dodge obviously, but when I did. It hit a car.

'Margaret! Snap out of it! Do you know what you doing?! For a girl wanting to become a superhero, this is not what heroes do.'

She then stop and realize what she done. She went down on her knees and started crying. I walk over to her and stroked her head, trying to calm her down.

'It's okay. Just try not kill me next time you go on a rampage.'

"*Nodded* Mm hm. *Sobbed* I'm so sorry..."

'It's okay.'

"Hey! My car! Whose that baster done it?! Hey you!"

Shit, were in trouble. The only reason this guy is not freaking out about me (Cause I have no head) is because he's a monster too.

I grab Margaret's hand and made a run for it.

"Hey you! Get back here!"

I didn't listen I just kept running. If word came out that I'm with a human. Things will get bad, real bad.

"Where are we going?"

'Far away from here.'


Victoria Point Of View

"Ow~ I'm going to feel that for a couple of weeks."

"Wow~ that sister of yours really gave you quite a whipping. Huh V?"

"Oh shut up!"

This is unbearable. I feel in absolute pain. I seriously underestimated how strong big sis is when she gets angry. Next time, I'll keep my wits when causing trouble.

There's something I still don't get. While me and Cookie were getting punished, big sis was crying through all of it. Why?

"Hey Victoria~"

"Say something annoying, and I kill you."

"Hey, hey, hey~ it's nothing like that, I swear. Boss got a job for us, feeling up for it?"

"What's is it?"

"Wow you change tune quickly."

"Just tell me already! Hurry up while doing it, I'm very cranky!"

"*Gulps* Okay, it's about a gang."


"This one is different."

"That's what said the last time~"

"It's The Teir Gang..."

"The Teir Gang? You mean they're actually real?"


"*Grin* Well... things have finally got more interesting~"


Cookie's Point Of View

"Huh?! What do you mean we ran out, I just stocked up yesterday!"

"*Woof* I'm very sorry miss. It's seems that subject six has been devouring our samples at night. *Woof*"

"Agha~ at this rate, subject six will eat the other subjects. We need to find a way to change it's appetite."

"*Woof* Agree."

This guy is subject one, remember the dog. Yeah, the pills I gave him cause him to evolve. Now he's my Butler around the lab. He basically has the body of a fully grown man with a dog's head.

Damnit all! It's bad enough that I had beaten to a pulp from big sister. Now I have to deal with this?! God! I hate this!

"Miss Cookie?~ Why are you angry? Did that pig do wrong again? That's bad, should I kill him?"

"No subject four~ that will be unnecessary."


This is subject four, I used a corpse of four year old child when creating him. He has a murderous intent but besides that he's just a child. I actually consider as my own son.

I'm surrounding by idiots! Well, at least I got my wish. Everything is entrancing me now.

•••Back Where We Were•••

Margaret's Point Of View

Oh my God, what's is happening? James, is protecting me again. How useless can I be?


I can hear it again, his voice. It has to be.

'Margaret, don't stop running!'

"But why? James, what's chasing us? Why are they chasing us?"

Then two monster with hones and red skin showed up outta no where. And one of them shot James with gun.

"*Dark Chuckled* Found you~"

"Think you get away that easily, James Benjamin~"

Black blood went through James suit. I felt scared, confused and... somewhat pissed off!

James Point Of View

I know that look, shit she's pissed off already?! Now I feel sorry for getting hit by a measly gun. This will not end well.

'Idiots, you only just made her pissed'

"Huh~ what are saying, I can't hear you! *Laughter*"

"What is she going to do, kill us?~"

'Most probably. You be running.'

"Ha! Like I'm just going to run away by some pathetic---"

Before he'd even finished his sentence, Margaret threw a huge garbage bin directly at him.

"Wait what?! I thought they said you were just human?! No told me we'll be fighting a Soúper Klónos!!!"

What?! Margaret is a Soúper Klónos?! But I thought there was no one who can those anymore. I really can't believe it, how did I not noticed before? Probably because it's impossible.

Margaret finds a brick lose on the wall of the alleyway, she lunched it at the last monster face. Now both of them are out cold.

Margaret's Point Of View

I'm so angry. I need to hit something. I'm so pissed off. Maybe James right, maybe I'm not cut out for being a superhero.

I feel arms wrapped around me, I saw it was James.

"James, your alright! I'm so happy! *Giggled*"

'Why didn't you tell me?'

"About what?"

'That you being a Soúper Klónos.'

"What's that?"

"Hey You!"

Another one, but why? This is really get to be annoying.

James takes my hand again and took me outta the alleyway.

We need help. Wait, Victoria is part of the Mafia. She can turn our situation around.

I bring out my phone and called a phone number that my friend showed me once. If ring this number, the Mafia should replied.




"Hello? Who is this?"


Victoria Point Of View

"Hey Miss Kōdō. Someone is on the phone for you."

"Hmm~ for me? What for?"

"Didn't say. They only said it's urgent and that they need to talk to you."

I have a bad feeling.

"Pass the phone."

He gave me the phone, and heard the voice on the other side.



Is that Margaret?

"Yeah, Margaret?"

'Sister please help us!'

"What's going on? Where are you?"

I heard gun fire in the background.

This is bad.

"Margaret? Margaret?!"

'We're at Tekoaru. Please, find us.'

The call ended there.

"Hey V. Are you okay? Your pale as a ghost. What happened?"

"Jen, change of plans."

"What about the mission?"

"Screw the mission!!! My sister is in danger! Are you in or out?!"

"Hmm~ *Sighed* it doesn't matter if I go or not, you'll go despite it. So yeah I'm going."

"A rescue mission? Can I come too?"

"Appreciate it."

"I'll go too/ your not leaving me behind/ let's go already/ I'm in/ this might be fun."

Soon all my coworkers were wanting to come along.

"Everyone... *Laughter* thanks it means a lot."

They all went silence and just stared at me.

Was there something I said?


"It's nothing, it's just... none of us heard you laugh before. It's just kinda took us off guard."

"Hmm~ fair enough. Now shut and let's get going!"



Cookie's Point Of View


"Um... miss. The phone is ringing."

"Give it."

Subject thirty-one is his name. And he gave me the phone, the person was talking. They obviously they weren't human.

"Hello?.. Who is this... yes... oh~... you don't say... is that question or an order?.. Mr. Jackson you flatter me... don't worry, I won't fail... bye bye~"

I ended the call and gave the phone back to Subject thirty-one.

"Did you track it?"

"Of course miss."

"The Teir Gang... *Giggled*"

"Should I prepare the car miss?"

"But if we do that, it wouldn't be as fun~ summon subject six!"

"Are you sure that is wise?"

"I understand your concern, but this is an opportunity that can't be wasted. Plus that I believe it's time for that fat pig to finally get some exercise. Don't you~ *Giggled*"

"As you wish miss, I'll summon him immediately."

"Thank you subject thirty-one. While I add it free the pigeons too."

"As you wish, Miss Cookie."

This will be so much fun~

•••Back Where Were•••

James Point Of View

How did things get like this? All I want is lay low for awhile, to have a peaceful life. Was that too much to ask?

We kept running through alleyway to alleyway, we just lose them. It's probably the stanch of human on Margaret is how they keep finding us. We found our exit was blocked by a black car with people waiting, with huge medicine guns.

'We're trapped.'


Wait what?

Margaret let's go of my hand and ran to one of the people wearing black suits.

"Margaret! Thank God your safe."

They both hugged each other.

So that's Victoria... it's like I'm seeing a second Margaret. She wasn't kidding when she said 'identical sisters', the only real different is they're hair.

"Hey James! Come over here!"

I hesitated, but I walked to them.

"James, this is my sister Victoria. Victoria, this is James. My friend, a bartender and the headless man!"


She just stared at me for a bit before speaking.

"Margaret... I am sorry of thinking you were crazy. This is awesome! *Giggled*"

I thought that all Margaret's sisters will be different from her, but no. They're basically the same.

Gun shot were firing, me and Margaret were pushed into the car and was drove away. While we driving, gunshots still followed. It seems they seemed to be more and they have a car in their disposal.

This can't get any worse.

*Monstrous Roar*

I stand corrected.

Margaret peeked her head out of the window, tapping me on the shoulder.

"Hey James. You remember what you said about pigs flying."

No. Don't you dare pull that one on me! There is no way!!!

But it was, there it was. I giant pig with wings. With a girl riding it on top...

Wait! A GIRL IS RIDING THAT THING?! She looks like Margaret too, don't tell that psycho is her sister.

"Hi Cookie!"

Why me?

"Oh hello dearest Margaret!~ How are you?"

"Cookie! What is that thing?"

"This is subject six, A.K.A Flying Pig! One of my many creations!"

She What?! She created that thing?! Her name is Cookie, kooky is more like it.

"Hey~ James don't be mean. She's still my sister you know."

"Margaret! Can you actually communicate with that thing?"


"No, no, no. Cookie he's not a 'it'. He's my friend, and your not dissect him."

She'd hugged my arm, very tightly. Like if she let me go, I would disappear.

"Wow~ your being touchy aren't you? If I don't know better, I would think you actually love him."

'You better mean that as a joke!'

Margaret's Point Of View

Even if he didn't utter of a word. I still heard what he said, and to be honest... I kinda felt hurt.

James Point Of View

I felt Margaret grip loosen, she removes her hand on her lap. For the first time I ever seen her sad.

I don't understand, was there something I said?

I was tapped on the shoulder, a guy with a dark red suit pointed outside of the other window. It was Victoria again.

"Hey you! James! What did you say to my sister, you baster!"

How the hell did she know Margaret was upset? What do I do?

'Hey Margaret.'


She won't even talk to me. This is risky, but screw it I have to try.

'Do you really love me?'

She didn't say anything, she took my phone and texted on it.

'Do you?'

I thought a moment, this is probably not best time to talk about this. But I can't say nothing. *Sighed*

'I care deeply for you, but I can't say I love you. Only because I never experience any type of 'love' until I decapitated myself.'

"You decapitated yourself?"

She talking to me again, that's a good sign.


"But why?"

'Curiousity killed the cat they said.'

"And because of that curiosity, you killed yourself but didn't die."

'Pretty much sums it up.'

"I'm so sorry..."

'Not trying to change the subject, but can we discuss when we're not in danger?'

"Sounds like a plan. Now who are those guys and why are they after you and me?"

There's the Margaret I know.

"They're call The Teir Gang. They're a gang created by monsters through out the city."

That what the dark red suit guy said, but did the Mafia got to know about the monsters in this city.

"Really? Hey James do you anything about them?"

'They're are group of different fractions of monsters. The monster behind us are from the devil fraction, they're basically bounty hunters.'

"What?! Is that mean they are after you?"

'That's one of the reasons.'

"Huh? What's the other reason?"

'You remember that car you destroyed before?'

"A car?"

She thinks for a moment, crossing her arms as she hums to herself. Then her face turn into great shock and despair.

"Oh Yeah! Your right! Is that why they after me too!"

'Yeah, that and your quite well known to most monster. They're probably planning on kidnapping you and put you up for auction.'

"Like hell they are!!"

Oh boy, here we again.

'Hold on Margaret. Before you get out there, there's something I need to say.'

"*Sighed* Fine~ what is it?"

I leaned down forward to her, covering her with my inner shadow. I whisper in her head couple of mages spells.


Before she continued I patted her he head.

'Don't worry. It's not like you. You can do it. Knock them out like the hero you are.'

"Didn't you said I can't be a superhero."

'Yeah, until pigs fly. Look outside, if a pig can fly you literally anything is possible.'

A huge smile grew on her face, she'd gave me hug before opening the door and jumping out of the car.

"Hey wait!---"

I hold up my hand to stop the man.

'Let her be.'

"But... *Sighed* Gess~ you have some doll there. She's more crazier than my Victoria."

'She sure is.'

Margaret's Point Of View

I jumped out of the car, rolling on the road.

James taught me these spell to protect myself, I won't let them go to waste.


I lifted my hands in the air and cast a magic spell.

"Fire of the raging dragon, hear me! Fire of one, fire of two! Now! Fire Dragon Roar!!!"

A fire tornado spiral out of my mouth, I thought I was summoning a fire ball. Guess not. Well it totally obliterated them. Maybe I should've used a less dangerous spell.

I heard something coming up behind me, but I had no time to react. But the hit didn't came, then I saw Victoria kicking a monster in the face!

Victoria's Point Of View

I didn't know what? My body just moved on it's own. I just couldn't believe that my sister was going to die. I couldn't believe in the truth I saw. So I took action, and created my own truth.


I kicked that 'thing' out cold.


"Are you okay?"

"That was awesome!"

"*Sighed* I'm still surprised by how many thing never fades you."

The monster came back up again and tried to attack me, but... it got eaten by a giant pig with wings before it even had a chance.

"Great job subject six."

I was wondering where that voice came from until I'd look up and saw Cookie standing on top the giant pig. She slides down on one of it's ears and hugged me and Margaret.

"Are you two alright? Your not hurt are you?"


Plain and simple.

"We're perfectly fine Cookie, so you don't need to worry. You don't need to worry either Victoria."

Margaret smiled was different than usual, it's full not joy but hope. And that made me smile too. Cookie did the same cause she didn't want to be left out.

Third Person Point Of View

While the three sisters smile and laughed. They didn't realize the attention they brought on themselves and that there was a huge crowd surrounding them.

'This is bad.' They all thought.

"Subject six, fly! Fly and don't stop until your safety is assured! Forget me, I'll be fine! Now Go!!" Cookie ordered.

Six hesitated but went despite it didn't wanted to leave it's creator to safety.

"Hey! Guys! Get out of here I'll catch up with you later!" Victoria shouted to her colleagues.

They understand but Jen wouldn't accept it.

"Are you kidding me?! Do have any idea what you asking?!" Jen screamed from the top of his lungs.

With her new ability, Victoria raced to Jen side in the speed of sound.

"Jen. I'll be a fine. Believe me when I say this."

Before Jen had chance to speak, Victoria snatched his suit collar and dragged Jen down for kiss lips. Jen was shock, so Victoria pushed him into the car and slammed the door.

"Hey! Let me out! Victoria!!!"

"I'm so sorry Jen."

"Victoria, don't do this to me! You know what's going to happen if they find out your in the Mafia!!"

"I know."

"Then why? Victoria please don't do this!"

Jen leaned into the door, and he heard a faint voice.

"I love you..."


Victoria return with her sisters as the car drove away.

"So~" Margaret started.

"Don't say it." Victoria growled at her sister.

"You didn't tell us you had a boyfriend.~" Margaret continued, grinning ear to ear.

"That's kinda unexpected of you. Aren't you supposed to be the honest one?~" Cookie said slyly.

"Shut up!! He's not my boyfriend..." Victoria said.

"But---" Margaret and Cookie were planning to tease her some more, until Victoria interrupted.

"I'm not finish."

The two want silence and listen what Victoria was going to say.

"He's not my boyfriend... he's my fiance. *Blushed*" Victoria was a blushing mess after saying those words.

The sisters beamed of joy after hearing the wonderful news.

"*Screaming* Oh my goodness! You two are marrying each other?! When?! How?! Tell me everything!" Margaret replied.

"I have debs on Bride Maid!" Cookie exclaimed.

"Calm down you two, I said he's my fiance~ we're planning the marriage when we both grow older."

They still didn't calm, still thinking about the wedding just got them more excited. Then the cops came and Victoria carried her sisters while running back home.

But before they made it to their district, Victoria tripped on her own feet.

"Ow~" Victoria groaned in pain.

"Sis are you alright?" Margaret worried.

"You shouldn't ran so much, it's bad for your back." Cookie complains while checking Victoria's injuries.

What the sisters didn't know that someone was waiting for them, in the shadows. They launched themselves towards them in attack, but Margaret was able to block their insult.

"You really thought it was going to be that easy?" Margaret spoke darkly.

They backed away. It was a woman with light green hair, two bull horns, dark pink eyes, wearing dark red vest with white long sleeves, she also had cow bell collar and a ring nose piercing.

"How did you know?" The woman ask in a demanding tone.

"Only idiots let their guard down in time of weakness." Margaret straight and plainly.

"Excuse me. Sorry cutting in your conversation but are you happen to be a clone?" Cookie asked the woman with eyes full of curiousity.

"Yes. I was here from Mr. J, to take you back with me." The woman said with determination.

"Not going to happen." Victoria replied.

"Yes you will!" She yelled, jumping herself towards them again.

They got ready to fight, until someone took her by the collar and wracked her against ground. While also knocking her out with a baseball bat.

"If you think you can just attack my sisters without consequences than have another thing coming!"

"Big Sister!?!"





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