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Don't try to fit in. 

Don't try to be like the crowd. 

Don't worry about what others will think about you. 

Be the one Yellow Rose in a bed of Gray ones. 

Don't think that your not important. 

Don't think that you are not talented. 

God blessed us all with a gift, 

A talent. 

Don't ever lose hope even in the most hopeless of moments. 

Be the light in the darkness, 

Not only for you, but for everyone around you. 

Find someone who WILL bring you hope, 

Who WILL be your light in the darkness. 

Life is tough, 

And it only gets tougher,  

But, even though it can get rough, 

Try to find happiness in all the little moments. 

No matter what happens, you will get though it. Even when it feels as if everything is pushing against you, you have the chance to push back. If you really want something, then don't let the challenges life hold you back. If you believe something, while someone else believes something different, don't let go of that belief. I may just be some kid, but this is something I want to say,  because SO MANY people just care about their appearance, and get upset at what the don't have. They shouldn't care about what they look like or what they DON'T have. Instead, we should appreciate what we have and not care what others think about us based off of what we look like. WE as people should just love each and everyone of us for who we are. It's what's on the inside that counts. On social media,  people photoshop the way the look to get likes, however you can't photoshop what's on the inside. I do not know what these people are going though that makes them feel like they HAVE to use photoshop, and I don't hate people who do this, I just don't like it when we don't speak up for ourselfs, when we change who we are for others, and try to be like the rest. People just hold their tounges when things get hard. As human beings, we do NOT speak up for ourselfs enough. Nor, do we speak up for others enough. On the news they only talk about the bad things in life and are put somethings aside that are important even though they are bad. For example, if a Copper-Skined human get killed by another Copper-Skined human, then it is only on one or two news stations and they don't have a reporter on scene nor do they go very much into detail,  it is practically the same thing with Whites, exapet they go into a little more detail and a few more news stations pick up on the story. When a Copper-Skined is killed by a White,  it doesn't blow up, but a lot of people pick up on the story and some have people on scene but not many. When,  a White is killed by a Copper-Skined it goes major. Everyone base people on scene and all that. But, we should really start putting happier things on the news. Like, kindness to the people who are less fortunate. Or helping out with a community service project and helping stray animals get heathky and found nice homes by random strangers. This IS what the world needs. We get so caught up in bad, that we never notice how kind we can really be. If we we're ALL the SAME we wouldn't be interesting, the would be no Yellow Rose in a bed of Gray Roses. This world would have NO color what so ever. There is ONLY one race. Do you know what race that is? 

It's not White.. 

It's not Copper-Skined.. 

It is the human race. The only race that has the CHOICE to be brave, to be strong, to change for the better, yet it seems like we are just changing for the worse.

But, I NEVER lose hope, and neither should you. 

I know this was supposed to be a Daily Inspirational and the first part was, but I kinda got carried away. I hope this was inspirational and I hope I did good, since this is my first one. 

~Hope May


  • Feb 08, 2019

  • Good start. Keep it up 💜

    Feb 08, 2019

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