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Hey I'm isabelle and I thought my life was perfect for me I wasn't poor or rich just right!but what I thought was a perfect life wasn't so perfect all started on my first year of higjschool.when I stepped on school property.I saw my friend sasha there so I walked up to say hi but she just ignored me.that was strange I thought to myself but I didn't mined it at I went inside but then I saw sasha hanging out with candy deadmore and rose wilson! I mean rose is ok i guess but candy is my enemy she's like the queen bee of last year and probably this year to! I asked sasha why she was ignoring me and hanging out with candy all she answered was "look isabelle we are not friends anymore and candy is pretty cool unlike you!" She left me with a shocked face and candy proceeded to say "we don't hang out with nerds." Then I fired back as fast as possible "if I'm a nerd then that means I'm smarter." You should have seen her face it was so hilarious! Then I walked down the hall and saw Lindsey I didn't have much friends anymore and I doubt she has any so I said to her hey she said back hey so we started walking and talking to each other. Them we bumped into shane my ex best friend he said "sup Lindsey hey Issy." I'm not Issy I'm isabelle and we are excited best friends now so stop nicknameing me aldo im happy my name isn't shaneypoo unlike what your mom calls you!" He said them calmly meet me in the back of the school after school. Then I said ok? Confusdley.after class i went to the back of the school to meet him but when I got there he walked up to me and put something on my knees I asked him what it was. He said it was a shock caller and that I had to do what he said or it will shock me!" I told him WTH SHANE! He proceeded to say you have to be my spring doing ball date and I had no choice but to say no so I agreed.when I walked home I put up my hoodie so my mom wouldn't see my coller but she told me to come for dinner anf to take off my I told her no ground me I don't care! Then I got sent to my room got grounded and had no dinner.then my mom came in and started yelling at me and all I heard was blah blah blah until she said why aren't you more like sasha the I told her OH DO YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE MY BEST FRIEND FOR A BULLY POPULAR GROUP THANKS MOM I WILL TOTALLY DO THAT! Then she said in a soft voice waiting what happened then I told her to go away in a voice that made me sound like I was gonna cry.after that night I went to school and saw shane talking to rose and went up and interrupted and said hey! I saw rose was angry and told me where did you get that outfit from tje trash? Then I said yeah since you have awesome fashion taste I went to the trash to find clothes just like yours then she said whatever your insultes are as bad as your clothes then I said  and here I still believe you got your insults from forever twenty dumb then I left after school my sister came back from college I went and said he to her and she said hi.we started talking and when I said I'm friends with shane again she stiped me.and told me that me and shane always played a game where he controlled me and that one time he made me go in the middle of tje road witch made me go in a accident and then I couldn't say bye to him when he be continued.


  • Feb 08, 2019

  • I feel i got lucky with friends now. I hang out with roleplayers and card gamers. No need to worry about that crap. Good to vent, Good for you to do so. Always got a friend here.

    Feb 08, 2019

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