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JESUS: Strange title and seems like this is your story's theme.

Godopediology: yes CHRIST. This is my humble title.

LUCIFIER: I guess who don't always ask humble questions but a midway neither this side nor that way.

Godopediology: I feel you look tensed.

JESUS: Yeh you, forget about Satan tell me what is this partial death.

godopediology: excuse me

SATAN: for what?

godopediology: I read a horror story and thought can I ask you people regarding that?

SATAN: ha....ha.....haaa.......

JESUS: O Stop it lucifer, I don't know what makes you laugh all the time.

LUCIFIER: my friend ...haaa....he is....haa....haa....asking about....haa.....horror to me, LUCIFER the terror...haaa

JESUS: Shut your mouth or else I need to do something.

SATAN: couldn't control his laughing and disappears

JESUS: Ah well he is slightly mad and you know sometimes crazy. Don't take it seriously.

godopediology: nods slightly

LUCIFIER arrives back and signals CHRIST sorry for his act

JESUS: Well tell me about that story godopediology which you have read.

godopediology: The story is like a girl and guy in love. Both the guy and the girl are just yet to start their career and in extreme situation the girl gets pregnant which brings disturbance in both the families. Somehow they decide to marry both but the girls mother says that guy is jobless and that the girl also should settle in her life. So the girl's family decide to obortion the first one. After 3 yrs strange incident occurs where in mysterious death occurs in both the families and out of 15 members only 1 person survives.

JESUS: Interesting.

SATAN: Out of 15 members only 1 member survives. How? Why is he spared? The author should have killed him also.

Looks at CHRIST and gets silent. 

JESUS: How come only 1 survived and others die.

godopediology: CHRIST actually the 15 members who die don't have that girl that why

SATAN: That lady who got obortioned 3 yrs before

godopediology: YES.

JESUS: Great. Now what is the connection between that girl and this 15 members death.

SATAN: I guess she would have killed all of them.

godopediology: No. She is the last one to die.

JESUS: You said that one has survived and who is that?

godopediology: That lady's husband who should have actually died but she dies saving him.

SATAN: Excellent and now tell me the real truth

to be continued........ 


  • Feb 08, 2019

  • You're stupid. IT MAKES FOR GOOD STORY

    Feb 08, 2019

  • Good story. Tag it has story

    Feb 08, 2019

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