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When I’m having a baaad day
And  I fight to relieve the stress 
This is what I put in play
To get the out of this mess 

It doesn’t work completely 
When the buildup is too great 
But it does release some pressure 
And then I have to wait

Writing  I always try
Been doing it for years 
There’s times I  just cry
Releasing painful tears

Talking to myself  when alone
That does help as well
So no one hears me moan
When dealing with this hell

Music is the best
I listen for hour and hour
To get this off my chest
And halt my tear-filled shower 

 I  two beautiful daughters who will always listen 
But I hesitate to dump too much
From my emotional prison 

At some point it will fade 
My head begins to clear 
From the bad I pull the shade
And good things reappear 

 Your way  may be different   when looking for release 
My heartfelt wish for you- 
That you find that needed peace


  • Feb 08, 2019

  • Feb 08, 2019

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