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"I'm awesome.

Really awesome. 

Really, really awesome."

How does it make you feel to read that? 

How did it strike you? 

Did you think it was egotistical? 

Did it come out to you sounding arrogant? 

Did you think of me as conceited and so full of myself? 

Did you turn up your nose, scoff, and think to yourself, "Who the hell does she think she is??!!! Sheesh!" 

I'd really like to know because there’s a part of me that still faces off with that squirmish feeling to say it. The fear of being misunderstood. The strong desire not to come across as arrogant, and the hope that you won’t think I’m self-centered.

Is it crazy for me to even think that? 

I mean, would you judge me for saying I’m awesome? 

Or am I judging myself? 

And why am I worried about you judging me? 

Truth is, we are all awesome and splendiferous. What I want is to live in the reality where we are encouraging each other to own our own awesomeness. That's not so crazy, is it?

Because me being awesome doesn’t mean you are not. In fact, what makes me awesome is that I AM - I am alive and I am here. 

And so are YOUThat means you are awesome too. Right? 

We as humans have no problem showing our love towards another human being openly without shame. We profess our undying love to them, broadcast it on social media, to our friends, hell, we'd shout from the rooftops about it if we can. But when it comes to loving ourselves by showing others that we love our 'self'.... we can't. We shy away from it. We hide that love behind closed doors. Why?

It’s time to stop feeling any shame for loving ourselves. It’s time to stop dimming our light. It’s time to stop making others feel bad for shining theirs.


And so am I.

Own that! 


  • Feb 07, 2019

  • Love this, Baby Sis!

    Feb 07, 2019

  • Splendiferous indeed. Lol. You are right. We should not be ashamed to want to love ourselves. The real way that we will learn to love others is by learning to love ourselves just like God loves us. Great job.

    Feb 07, 2019

  • Feb 08, 2019

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