Fallen Angel #1: Wind Of The Lion Read Count : 11

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : YoungAdult
Fallen Angel was walking through a town when he saw a  gang robbing a bar he waked in and said "Hey what are you doing" Fallen Angel asked. "Were just taking our protection money"the boss said "It's obvious that the owner doesn't want you here leave or I'll force you too"Fallen Angel said.  "Alright pal I'll humor you this bar is also a fight club if win we'll leave, but if I win I'll have your head"the boss offered "Deal"Fallen Angel said. the two walked in the ring with the boss pulling out his saber. As the fight was about to begin Fallen Angel began to hear a voice "Look at him a waste of a man when he attacks you can grab his  wrist break it then break his arm, take his saber slash off  his arm then stab him in the heart"said the voice said "Who are you he asked "I am Senra the Fallen Angel Spirit"the voice said. When the fight began the tried to attack, but Fallen Angel grabbed his wrist broke it then broke his arm took his saber slashed off his, and stabbed him in the heart ''Anyone else"Fallen Angel asked the rest of the gang backed away ''THEN GET OUT OF HERE IF I CATCH ANY OF YOU HERE EVER AGAIN I'LL KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU"Fallen Angel threatened. Later Fallen Angel received a call "Is this the Fallen Angel"the man asked "Yes"the Fallen Angel said "I need your help"the man said "I'm on my way"Fallen Angel said. Fallen Angel was traveling to the Forest Jungle on his motorcycle when he saw a man with green hair in a black outfit wearing a green trench coat. "Hello Fallen Angel" Fallen Angel said "Leo"the man said the two shook hands "What do you need my help with" Fallen Angel asked  "There are warlords who are about to mow down the Jungle Forest they will kill my Jungle and my tribe no too mention this will benefit you as well"Leo said "What do you mean"Fallen Angel asked  "The warlords have a great number of gold coins if you help me it's all yours"Leo explained  "Ok fine I'm in"Fallen Angel said  "Great it's nice to have an Arc Blazer member helping me''Leo said  "What's an Arc Blazer"Fallen Angel said  "I'll explain later we gotta get to the front lines of my tribe"Leo said.  The two went to the front lines just when the warlords were arriving  "Get out of our way"said their leader  "No chance were not moving"Fallen Angel said  "Your on tribal land, leave now and we'll let you live"Leo said "Fine"said the leader they all raised their guns. Leo's eyes began to glow"King Lion Crushing Fang Strike"Leo said he changed into an green lion and created a tornado grew larger claws and ripped them to shreds. Fallen Angel used his swords and slashed off half of the group's head off the rest had ran away they hunted them down and killed them. Later on Fallen Angel was about to leave with all of his money "Hey thanks for your help"Leo said  "No problem hey what is an Arc Blazer"Fallen Angel asked " The Arc Blazers were a group of warriors who protect the Astral and all the other planes they were lead by the Fallen Angel"Leo said ''Really thanks"Fallen Angel said riding away on his motorcycle.  


  • Feb 07, 2019

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