Arc Blazers Year One: Stormsrike Read Count : 15

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : YoungAdult
On the plane of Zack Synder there were rich people and their were poor people. The rich people would live good lives while the poor would live broken down cities fighting over the scraps left in the trash. Zack was one of the rich and every night he would steal food from the rich and give it to the poor. Then one day he was caught and his own family deemed him guilty and sent him to  prison for fifty-years in prison. Then one day his father came to visit him "Hey how are you feeling"his father asked "How do you think I feel I'm stuck here for fifty-years"Zack said "Yeah well I got something to tell you I'm not your father'' he said "What"he said ''Your father is dead I killed  and I'll be taking your family's money and I think I'll be heading back to the Astral Plane have fun thinking about that while you rot in this cell"he said "NO NO NOOOOO" Zack said. Miserable Zack sat in his cell with his cell mate "Hey I know you your Evan's boy"his cell mate said "Who are you"Zack asked "I'm James I am a friend of your fathers who was once a great warrior known as Stormstrike and I hope you live up to that name"James said he touched his head and chest and passed on the Lightning Bolt he saw every memory of his father and sent to the Astral Plane right in front of the man who killed his father "No way this isn't possible you've become Stormstrike" the man said "It is possible and your about pay for what you've done trying to screw over my family"Stormstrike said in his anger he shocked him so hard that it burned off his opponent's skin 'till there was nothing left, but his skeleton. For his next few months Stormstrike became a mercenary striking down his all of his victims.     


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