Arc Blazers Year One: Megaflare Read Count : 5

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : YoungAdult
Cody Rail was the son of a paid assassin who used guns as a weapon.  When they were traveling his father would tell him stories of when was Megaflare. Then one day when the FBI found them and used bombs to draw them out. Cody's took him and gave him the Power Gun "It's up to you now"his father told him. The shock from one of the bombs to caused Cody to be sent to the Astral Plane. He woke in a bunker and saw all sorts of guns "I remember from the story it's all real I'm the new Megaflare"Cody said to himself.  It had been many weeks later and Cody now the new Megaflare found the man who sold his father out to the FBI "Who are you" the man asked  "A person who wants revenge"Megaflare said he knocked the guy out. The man woke up in a warehouse tied up to the chair "Rise and shine bastard" Megaflare said coming out of the darkness the man looked up and saw two other people "Where are we"the man asked "I thought we needed some more for our party Kevin Hunter let's start with our first guest is Mary Shaman she's your pregnant wife is't she and our next guest is Shane Hunter, he's your son if I do recall I really hope danced up a storm at the party I found him at in fact I hope he had a few drinks, danced up a storm, and kissed a girl he deserves all that, because this is his last night on earth"Megaflare said "Please don't do this"Kevin asked  "No you killed my family so I'll kill your's I hope you've said all you need to your wife"Megaflare said he shot his wife in the head. "NOOOOOO" Kevin screamed  Megaflare turned to Shane and shot him in the head and the leg  "And now it's your turn"Megaflare said he shot Kevin in the heart.  For the next many months to come Megaflare became a mercenary blowing the heads off his victims


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