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     You can't change what you go through, the situation. It's a mindset that tells you that you can't do anything because the problem is too big. Trying to stop a roaring river so you're not swept away. But in life there is only one thing you can change. Not where you're born. Not what you look like, you can try as long as you're not killing yourself over it. Not how it when you die. You can try to control it, move it, change it. But all is futile. But in life there is only one thing you can control. That is you. The same fires that turn sand to glass tempers steel. A quote on the Shadow Hunters series, which I suggest to read. None the less you can't stop what's around you but instead of stopping it you can move or flow with it. You aren't powerless, you always have a choice. You control you and only you, make you make things happen. You can't change the world, unless you start with the mirror in front of you.

       Been postponing this write. I've been meaning to do it, forgot, then always said "later". Now I'm saying "now".


  • Awesome. Thank you.

    Feb 07, 2019

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