Arc Blazers Year One: Flashrunner Read Count : 11

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : YoungAdult
Jake Reiner was the son of a racer who was the fastest on his plane. He lived a good life until one day when someone cut the brakes to his father's car and it crashed in a race. The shock wave caused Jake to receive the Speed Bolt and sent him to the Astral Plane. He woke up in a bunker he then began to see images of his past when his father would tell him bedtime stories of the Arc Blazers and when he was Flashrunner. Many weeks passed in a city in a Astral Plane, a man was walking down the street when all of a sudden a flash ran passed him he then saw Jake as the new Flashrunner "Oh my god Sam I cut your brakes your dead I killed you"the man said  "Sam was my father and you killed him"Flashrunnner said  "What do you mean kid I didn't kill your father"the man said. Flashrunner vibrated his molecules so fast that he turned into the man and repeated what he said  "Your a terrible lier Max Glow"Flashrunner said. Max pulled a gun on him Flasrunnner broke his arm, grabbed him, bashed  his  head into a nearby building, speed dragged him up the building, then threw Max into a metal vent "Please have mercy let me go"Max begged "Was there mercy for my father WAS THERE"Flashrunner said he vibrated his hand and ripped out his heart and crushed it in front of him. Over the next many months Flashrunner became a mercenary striking all of his victims    


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