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Once in a village was built there was this one girl who had no friends.

She was really shy so thats why she don't have friends.

One day a friend came up to her and said " ewww you stink" the little girl was sad and started to cry then she saw a flower next to her and it was glowing and she said with tears in her face "why is this flower glowing" she was scared and went home. The next day she was still thinking why the flower was glowing. When her mother heard the door knocking she said "lily go see who it is" "ok" lily said so as she went she heard talking at the front door. "Hey you want to play with us" kids said " sure but" lily said " you guys alway bully me" " don' worried we felt bad so we stoped bullying" "ok." So they played at the park and played sports. The nexted day she found out why the flower was glowing it help lily to be brave and stoped the bullys bullying her so thats why she called the flower magical flower. When days and weeks has past she notice her friends are going far away from her but that time it was because she was sick and had to stay home all day and coudn't come out. One day one of her friends said "hey i sorry about the news but our friends keep disappring and i think i know why" " really" " yeah" so they went to that place and never came back. Lily's mom was worried so she called for help she called all her friends and cousin and more family members. After she called everyone was perpare after they went one of the villagers stepsd on the magical flower that noone knew about only lily knew what it was. The flower was trying to help but it was been steped on so it could not help anymore. When they find where the kids were they got trap and was killed. The murdere was never fing including some familys. The village was worried so they think they should move to a diffrent town or something because almost all there village people are gone. The murdere left behind the kids hair clips and the adults rings of weddings and married to who so people know who their marry too.


  • this is awsome

    Feb 07, 2019

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