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Chapter 4: the last month in Japan 

Deadpool says goodbye to Kazuma and niskiyama, deadpool leave Japan with kaoru sayama to new York City, United State of America. Deadpool says to Bacchus one day I come back with idea from my country to you and next time Bacchus please come to America. Deadpool have one month in Japan.  Kaoru sayama says goodbye to her parents. Her mother crying because her daughter leave with deadpool. Deadpool says to kaoru sayama I love you kaoru sayama but need help your find me a business with company. The month end here in Japan. But the trip was not end here because big adventure in new York City and Miami. The adventure starting with deadpool in new York City. Deadpool meet Oshima at the airport in new York City, JFK  Airport. Deadpool watching a lot of movies in airplane. (Continue for chapter 5) chapter 4 end here. 


  • deadpool is funny in the story.

    Mar 16, 2019

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