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This question is the future of the world. Each one is asking this question to ALMIGHTY GOD and have still not got a reply and this is one of main reasons of increasing atheists in the world. 

JESUS: By the way what is your question godopediaology?

Godopediology: Can I say my question to you sir, father or I don't know how to call you?

LUCIFER: Don't worry, CHRIST is not a stranger. He is your friend, Call him CHRIST, he will feel happy. 

Godopediology: Thank you. Satan sir.

JESUS: Even LUCIFIER is also your friend, call him Satan, no sir, father, sister and all, but what is your question.

Godopediology: who will succeed in carrying the legacy of ALMIGHTY GOD further? All the people are discovering their own gods, things and others. I guess you know what I mean by that?

LUCIFIER: ha...ha......haaa......

JESUS: Silent lucifer don't laugh. He has such a wonderful question and instead of answering it what makes you to laugh like this?

SATAN: Christ, I feel sorry for him but I think no one on the earth qualifies for that because all are sinners and deserve to be punished.

Godopediology: feels sad.

JESUS: Don't lose your faith my boy, he is crazy. You believe in ALMIGHTY GOD, then why are you asking this question?

Godopediology: I didn't get you CHRIST.

JESUS: You take the name of GOD and there are also countless people out there who also take HIS name. The moment you take HIS name it indicates you trust HIM. If you trust HIM doesn't that mean you are also a part of GOD'S family and like that there are countless people taking HIS name out there all around the world meaning it is PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO CONTINUE THE LEGACY OF ALMIGHTY GOD. It is not a must that I or any GOD SON can only take the legacy of GOD further but EACH ONE OF YOU WHO BELIEVE IN GOD IS A CHRIST INDEED IRRESPECTIVE OF CASTE, CREED, COLOR, RELIGION OR SECT. So I hope I have answered your question.

godopediaology: Thank you very much JESUS and LUCIFIER.

LUCIFIER: Confused, looks at CHRIST smiling.

Godopediology: bows down with respect and vanishes.

LUCIFIER: Why did you do that CHRIST, you know it is not GOD'S legacy. It is usually succeeded by a GOD's choosen and it is not him nor the followers on the earth. You know that.

JESUS: You are right Satan but according to ALMIGHTY GOD if at any cost I fail to make up to the expectation of the people and there seems a spell of hell on earth then I will surely possess that GOD believer and fulfill all the desires of him when he takes the name of GOD as the only option left to save the planet earth.

LUCIFIER: Can you do it?

JESUS: Why you don't trust me?

LUCIFIER: but you are a Saint and you can't possess anyone.

JESUS: People believe me as HIS SON and if it is true then this earth is my mother and as a son I won't allow my mother to die miserably. I have my responsibility.

LUCIFIER: It seems still CHRIST has lots of duty to perform on this planet EARTH.

             Anyhow I wish you all the best. 



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