Arc Blazers Year One: Saphire Read Count : 5

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : YoungAdult
Ember torch was a ten-year old who lived a terrible life her parents abandaned her, she aged out of the orphanage, and ended up living in an ally.  She felt completely miserable until one night she was visible by these from the a world called oreian she went with them.  Next thing she knew she found herself in a city in the Astral Plane where all of a sudden a woman in fell out off one of the buildings with a knife in her heart she ran over to help her "Are you ok"Ember asked "Ember"she said faintly "Who are you and how do you my name"Ember asked "I'm your mother"she said while touching her head and chest passing on the Saphire stone. She was then flashed to her mother's bunker where she saw a woman in a white outfit with white hair "Who are you" she asked "I am Cumira I am here to train you" she said "Train me what are you talking about I just met someone who said she was my mother"Ember said "I can explain everything a long time ago your mother was a mercenary known as the Saphire, but she was tired of all the killing ,so she left on the way back to her plane she met an archaeologists who would become   your father, the two were then married and they had you and they were happy until your father discovered the remains of ancient evil spirit known as Chaos it possessed your father and he traveled back to the Astral Plane to unleash pure chaos she knew she had to stop your father, so she sent you to orphanage and confronted your father when he killed her"Cumira explained "Why are you telling me this" Ember asked "Your mother was my best friend and I want to keep  the legacy"Cumira said. over the many week Cumira trained Ember. Then the time came when she found her father they began to fight they were equally matched until she exploded in blue flames and slashed her father in half. She became the new Saphire slashing the hearts of her victims


  • i think ita a good story but the way you told it was terrible sorry

    Feb 06, 2019

  • Julius  Green

    Julius Green

    How would u suggest I tell the story

    Feb 06, 2019

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