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When I saw her walk by
I thought -“let me try” then I said “ Hi”
She smiled - “Hi” my heart pounded 
It felt like heaven had sounded

We had come to the party as strangers  
It seemed that fate had arranged us
Like a magnet we were drawn together 
I  knew it would fe forever 

Our conversation was a pleasure 
I  felt I had found  my treasure 
Then it came time to depart 
I thought-“what a fabulous start”

As we got to the train
I said  “I’d like to see you again “
She looked at me with a frown 
My world turned upside down 

“I was just passing time stupid
Do you think you were shot by Cupid?”
I was shocked beyond belief 
Had to sit to get relief 

As she sauntered to her destination 
I tried to deal with this devistation
I first thought I’d encountered a wife
Now I thought was the end of my life

Going home l tried to comprehend 
Why did this thing had to end 
When reality hit like a shock
And I felt this relationship was a lock

I realized it was my hopefulness 
I didn’t figure that I could miss
But the lesson rang clear as a bell 
I got my mind out of it’s shell 

I had expectations from the start
Should have  thought with my head
not my heart
I hoped out need but failed to take heed
That assumptions alone don’t succeed 

Thus I learned one valuable thing
To let my emotion alarm ring
To store those feelings on a shelf-cause 
You can’t have a relationship by yourself 


  • This is so awesome! Lots of people jump the gun, they try to run before they could walk. Another brilliant piece of art. Love it!

    Feb 06, 2019

  • Feb 06, 2019

  • Feb 06, 2019

  • Feb 07, 2019

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