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I always write what I know why should I search for those whom I am well off with and how can anyone accept that Bible is completely true. I say Bible is written by those useless archangels followers at that time and have simply spread the word GOD WORDS. No one on the earth has the proof of GOD appearance nor how GOD exactly looks like. Even to be honest I HAVEN'T SEEN GOD. Then why simply drag that good one. This world is filled with sinners and here no one is eligible for even taking GOD'S name and about that Adam, he is surely a impotent because in the same Bible I don't find him satisfying even eve also. He has the weakness but blames it on lilith. Creep. 

1. The Bible mentions lots of things which are not good for infants. It has tried its level best in not accepting the fact that lilith was also a woman who was like the present days modern world and that lilith has proved wrong in raising her voice against inequality. 

2. Today there are countless liliths on the earth and are independent without any man's interference and they still are happy. If the same thing would have happened at that time what was the damage. Why wasn't the law got accepted and now is happening everywhere successfully. Today if ladies are becoming like lilith in their real life, whom should we blame the Bible or ALMIGHTY GOD. In Bible they tried to erase one lilith's identity but look at the consequences now, what lilith done at that time all the ladies are doing it now, so for that can we call the present ladies as demoness. 

3. The things that Bible has hidden from us is today taking a vicious turn not only lilith even the Bible tried and utmost finished the rapport of LUCIFIER but has the Satan lost his importance. What ever crimes Bible has committed is showing its wild nature now and the Bible is silently preaching that the problems will get sorted out. Does the present world problems can be solved so easily. 

4. If the sin is committed by one person he or she can be corrected but if the whole peoples of the world have become liliths and lucifiers how can it be perfected. The earth is not infected in one place but in all the places and it is not getting healed instead lots and lots of crimes and new criminals are increasing day by day. 

5. Can we say it has happened because the problem is not a recent one but has got its roots from the past. As centuries passed crime rates are increasing steadily without showing any signs of diminish. If the lilith's power keeps on increasing then who can protect this earth. 

Isn't there any power, angel, supernatural, paranormal or abnormal things to stop this furious and untamed lilith. We should think. Even if all laugh at me and say it's nonsense, I don't feel anything nuisance because the world is evident and shows that if womens are treated the same way as Adam did no lady would stay with any man and all the ladies will definitely accept my words. 

Still I have hopes that LUCIFIER can tame this lady lilith beause HE is known for HIS expertise in understanding womens and yes no woman on the earth or sky or heaven can say NO to Him, he dislikes failures and wouldn't leave any lady as Adam did but instead would chase them till they say YES to him. LUCIFIER is indeed a great lover. 

I don't know whether the Bible succeeds in destroying lilith or not but I feel LUCIFIER will definitely succeed in HIS work and would free the world from her curse because this is Adam and eve's population and lilith who is deprived by this won't look at this silently but will of course act violently. All that she needs is LITTLE BIT OF LOVE which neither the so called great Bible nor any angels can fulfill. 

Let's wish LUCIFIER all the best in his efforts. 

Come on LUCIFIER you can. 


  • Feb 06, 2019

  • Damn you and Damn Lucifer

    Feb 06, 2019

  • Good thought but needs clarity.

    Feb 06, 2019

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