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It is about my father child hood ghostly 

Encounter with Mary Queen of Scots

It was 1945 my father was 4 years old 

He described it as frightening my father grew up in kirkhill Scotland near

 Cambuslang Scotland 

it's about 30 kilometers outside Glasgow Scotland Gilbert field castle was rumored to be haunted my father was about 4 years old at the time during the war  so my father his sister and a group of friends ventured of to 

Gilbert field castle my father did not let his parents know there were rumors stating that the ghost of 

Mary Queen of Scots is seen walking around the castle at night

 carrying her head.  It was late afternoon when my father his sister ventured into the Gilbert field castle when my father and his sister and friends arrived the doors swung open and closed on there own the wind was howling there were old Scottish nobles on the wall looked around 1530-1540 . Then at the fireplace a large painting of Mary Queen of Scots was hanging on the wall Mary Queen of Scots stuck her head out screamed and my father his sister and his friends ran towards the exit she quoted",

("whaur,s ma heid") 

meaning where's my head) .

Mary Queen of Scots was carrying her head under her right arm and was carrying an axe she chopped my father's leg off and my father had to get a new leg a black leg sewen on during the war legs were hard to find. The castle shook and my father and his friends and sister never went back to the castle


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