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First day of school At Atlantic high school James wood high. James wood college. James high. High school. Wood Pierre high school pjgrowing high school boynton beach high school boca raton high school

Chapter 1. And. First dsy of school pjgrowing 3 midle. School k pjgrowing. Alexandra. Hi girl. You knew yes i am. In 10 th grade i am. Yes i am new. Chapter 1. Success full people. Fail so many time. Lisa. I just got the jobs i was. Doing ok with. It and everything. It was. Ok at first it was busy then it was 7:35am

Hi beautiful you need a ride no thank you i was walk to go home hi everyone.   And they not here so i go check in the room.  Look if no one. Was home and they was not good but i stay have to go to school.  Eve the i just got home. I went and shower. And. Dress up and. Make. Show i look ok before i go to the bus when i was walk. To go to the bus. When i was walk to go to the bus. The bus. Laft i was not go to. Go to the bus you guys. Couz get Emily for me. Brooklyn. So you talk to lisano lip i dont even see her. Talk to her nothings. I was will. Late this time. Damn i am late for work you are yes. Wait see that lisa.   Yea it is lisa ha lisa you need a rid no please can i drive you to school. It will not hurt anyone ok but cust. Drop me off that it ok. But i have go do . Something 

Chapter 2. Happy father's day 

 Lucana hi julian happy father's day. To you how are you thank you so much h ow are you julian dont go no where i will pick you up ok. Ha. I will have to change and i will pick you up. Hi baby. Brooklyn 


E chapter 1 julian if you dont want me let me know.  Benjamin's you need. To talk to your boy. T player about this cause i am get tired of him hurt me cheat on me. What ever he always do chapter 2. We need to talk my friend

  It not only when y ou put your hand on her that when you.   Abused her. You abused. You hurt. Her. If y ou d ont do something it would be to late.  It can be late for you. Fix it. Well  you say you like her.  I think it. I. Was going to. Be able to fix it fast.  Will why would you think that.    Chapter 3. What you do with me did you do it with her the same thing we be doing.       Together 

Hi you child what are you doing.   Nothung. Don so what going with you.    Nothing why you all ask that.  Ma_ mmm.  Why you girls made at me well. You act like you dont  know.  You not will home.  You never.    spent time with your little daughter.        The one you have with.  Are step mother Lucanna.    Well what did. She have done to you. To make you feel that. To hurt her like that. Chapter 4.   She love you and care about you and. Us. But will. Bo bo bo who this. Come on it me who you. Can you open the door please.   What you want. From me.   Can we talk please.  Why we have to talk for we have   nothing  to talk.  about.   Yes we do we have a lot to talk about. Like what. Why you not te x t me a re talk to me. First of all. I was busy so i dont have time to do that. 5.  And you can do it to. Text me what ever but.   You. You already.    Know you do that.  So if i dont do it you cant do it to.     I am done please you.           Why you stop. I am done care about you.  I am so tried.  Of it. Of wh a t you.  You dont even let me see  the child. Why should. Why. Should i. Andrew. That my kids to you know. Yea i know. You ben chill with a others man.   So.  So you know me by now. You know i dont want you talk to them. So let me gust Andrew when you a re the one who do it that ok but. When i do it i am the bad guy. Why that.  I. Never.  Do you wrong.  But if i. Do it. Tell me. Let me know.    Ok but ma what did i do to you.       Ma will you will.    A s k me this.   For real.  I am sorry.  I dont past by.   Andrew you just say it  ok you don t even mean it.  Wait. We not together we are agree about it. Chapter. 6. You. Know what you.   Right. We done talk s o Andrew bye. If you want to sta y it you. There no we anymore anyway. S o there no poit of talk to h im anyway it like to me there is a history some how. Some where in that line cycle.  Just make up already Andrew. With her.     Girl you cant. Lie you still what him you still love him. What happened between you and him. We just grow apart. That all are. We make a mistake. He. Maybe it me the problem.  Why you blame yourself for tell me.   Maybe if i didnt chill with that person he till me to not talk to. Are. Maybe i was self to want so much from him when i know he was not ready.  So d id you tell him all that no i didn't not and plus he is date someone i dont want to miss up that they have.  Sis you all can i have. A minute with her. Please.  What happened to us. What you mean well we use to know how to talk to each other. How to hug out there with it being wild and everything. Between us well like you say it use to. When you didnt robe it in my face. That you have a girl now it cool the that what it. Is.  You dont get. It do you. I always need a child with y ou and remember i lost a lot for you and you make me lose them.    How it my fort.    Will. I dont know why i bottle. Talk to you for.   Move Andrew.  Just moved Andrew. Leave me a long 


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