Into The Flame Ch. 1 Read Count : 3

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy

Amaryllis unfurled her long wings , sending huge gusts of wind and dust throughout the cave.  The sunlight from the cave entrance shining through the gold membrane of her wings casting the cave walls in a yellow glow.  

Her scales shook as she yawned,  the sunlight reflecting off them as she stepped out in the morning sunrise. 

The mountain scene around her stretched out for miles,  covering the rolling hills in blue spruce,  dogwood and maple trees. 

Amaryllis stretched her legs, digging her long black claws in the cliff under her.  Her bright red eyes taking in the scene around her.  

In one mighty swoop she jumped off the ledge under her,  tucking her wings and flattening her scales against her,  closing her eyes . Listening to the wind howl around her as Amaryllis made her decent.  

Opening her eyes in time to quickly unfurl her wings,  sending a blast of air against the trees, and landing a blue spruce.  The tree bending and cracking under her weight. 

Amaryllis breathes in,  black smoke billowing out of her nostrils.  A bright Flame lights in her chest,  flowing up her long armored neck,  the black outline of her skeletal system shows as she opens her jaws letting a large jetting flame out as well as a roar that spreds through the forest  sending thousands of birds and mammals scadering.


  • Feb 06, 2019

  • Feb 06, 2019

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