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love is a funny one.. for years we seem to think we love every single person we date.. we think they are absoulutely great until they give us a reason not to believe it anymore.. its amazing how close love and hate are.. they are like identical twins. Some people believe in soul mates or twin flames and i for one am i of those people, because well ive met them. Meeting your soulmate is like walking down the stairs in the dark and forgetting theres not an extra step at the bottom so your foot just falls through the air and you get that sudden gut feeling run through your body.. thats abit like love.. its a powerful feeling.. takes over your whole body and you dont see it coming, well, most of the time we dont. The way i see it if you love someone so much it hurts then stick with them and dont leave.. I promise it gets better. Love is the best feeling but also the scariest, the best thing in life is to love and be loved in return.. or so they say. Youre probably wondering why im writing about love.. well valentines is approaching and ill be spending it alone probably watching romantic movies crying and eating a pot of icecream.. maybe then drinking wine and singing at the top of my voice.. no, im not single.. but the love of my life lives over 5000 miles away... nothing made sense before i met him, hes worth the oceans between us and everytime he smiles he makes me remember why im here and what my reasons are.. i was born to love him wherever i go and whatever i do. If you are alone this valentines or in a relatonship smile.. even if youre alone just remember someone out there loves you and someone out there is looking for someone just like you!


  • Feb 06, 2019

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