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The story starts off in townhouses and 3 down the way was mine and I mean three away from this park we had and this is where I found so I guess not found but met Emily became really close friends we always used to hang out she had a little brother that we weren't the nicest to but it was like a couple of months later and I must add she used to ditch me a lot and this really hurts my self-esteem you know and she wasn't the best influence you know so this new girl moves in she is like three four years older than me and her little sister is younger than same with Emily's younger brother and will call her Daniela so Danielle and Emily became really close friends and my parents split up so I was only there on the weekends in one day they were playing with their scooters you know how you can take off the handle bar sometimes yes so Daniela takes off these two handlebars and then she gives one to me and then Emily I just gets really mad at her for some reason and it's like I just don't be your friend anymore goes into her house and she's my next-door neighbor right so that happened and I think I was just like comforting Danielle like you know like Yoshi. Worth if she's one of your French doesn't have to be your friend you know like I'll be okay so I go home at this point right and it's a few like it's like 2 hours later right now I'm just enjoying myself and the doorbell rings so I go outside and Derek she is and there's Emily and then Daniella had a little sister and apparently she bites people so they start blaming me for their friendship breaking up they start biting me and stuff and you know making me feel like I did something wrong and I was a horrible horrible human being which is so not true it was their own fault that they stopped being friends with her own fault their own situation there like that was not meant for you that was left for Emily like why did you grab it maybe because Daniella put it right in front of me and said here you go so maybe that's why Emily actually I'm not going to hide names in this because these people did something horrible so Daniela is going to change the Aubrey and then Emily real estate Emily not because that's her real name because she's not the one that did the major thing but she still did something horrible and help to doing it so you know what whatever I'll keep her safe not because I care about her partly because I don't remember her name so Aubrey says my little sister will bite you and this time I'm trying to get in my house but they're blocking my damn door this is not dirty this is my door and if I had a phone I was like I'm calling nine-one-one if you do not leave I swear I will call 911 and I will tell you that you're trespassing and you guys are threatening to leave she kept on you like always wanted one side and you can have my sister bite you and she will bite you you can't go inside not till we're done with you and they're like getting closer like they're ready to jump me they came here to f****** beat me up and jump me but they knew that my dad would go ballistic and get so mad at them because my parents knew their parents So eventually I think y'all got it and they f****** run down the stairs so fast and they are scared because they know if my dad comes up and sees them all like this we about to get in trouble I'm going to how to tell my dad what happened and you know what I through the high road and I never told my dad anything that's the moment I stopped being friends with them now it's about years later I have a new friend into the same place as me all you seem to do anything but she lives in the same bike area so me and her we go to the park and we're just sitting on the swings you know chilling right Aubrey's over there with her new friend and two little girls right so they can talk and you was in my friend keep saying i d f c she never said it out loud once so then we're like leaving cuz they get in a big argument and I'm over here saying yo Aubrey's not worth it she's a douche let's go and before we go she yells I have five fingers my middle one is the only one I want to show you forever and then we walk away and by this time I didn't give a crap like I was moving out of this town house and I'm so f****** relieved I just wanted to get away from that place so here's a situation that start with me but it kind of got pushed on me I guess so we my friend we go on this bus right she wanted to stay with her friend so she goes to the back of the bus and a this girl said you can't be sitting back here and she says whatever so she's on her phone and she starts recording this girl slapped her she slapped her back and she's getting out of the bus and I walk with her to like her place because it's not that hard for me to like go back to where I need to go right so I'm walking and this girl everyday after that was all like you want to fight every time we went Pat and she was like threatening us so one day I walk with her she goes home you know and I'm walking back alone her and her brother like he want to f****** fight come on let's fight this girl was crazy not my friend the girl that slapped her forgot to say Aubrey and Emily I do got to thank you for good memories they were great you gave me a pretty good childhood but you've also broke my childhood you also gave me depression you also made me cry myself to sleep so I guess I will not deny that you gave me good memories and good childhood but I will not deny that you made me want to kill myself and you try to jump me old about that my friend in Aubrey gotten the spider that next day Emily going to change their name is to Elma cuz that's her name was with her friends and said do you I think it's respectful to flip off and swear to 8th grader and I said probably not because I don't know what we're talking about no I didn't see that part but I had no idea what and I said probably not because I don't know what we're talking about no I didn't see that part but I had no idea what you're talking and I said probably not because I don't know what we're talking about no I didn't see that part but I had no idea what you're talking about and I said probably not because I don't know what we're talking about no I didn't see that part but I had no idea what you're talking about so I just had and I said probably then she said then why are you doing it I said that was my friend and we never said any swear word want to see that part but I sit down my friend and then this she said you should hang out with that friend and I said okay whatever and I rolled my eyes at her and walked away so that's the end of this story is everybody don't try to jump a little kid because you never know if they go to bed that day and the hang themselves if you need any help please call a suicidal prevention hotline and I hope everybody learns from the story that some people can change but does not mean that their memories don't it does not mean that the damage they did did not exist these people they may have changed today but their memory sure didn't and their actions and how they make me steal feel when I think of them does not change


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    Feb 05, 2019

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