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Elon: Ahh! Blazing wind!

Aydin: Elon, what are you doing?

Elon: Practicing duh.

Autumn: Yeah but why?

Aydin: What the hell! You and Addilyn have a bad habit of that you know. I need to get a bell for you two.

Addilyn: Yeah whatever.

Aydin: Ahh!

Elon: I can't practice to practice? I'm not sure about y'all but I practice to stay fit, strong, and try to get to a higher tier.

Autumn: No one here cares about getting to a higher tier.

Elon: That's sad.

Autumn: Eh, I guess.

Aydin's phone started ringing. She left the group for a minute to answer the call.

Aydin's Mom: Hey sweetie, how are you?

Aydin: I'm doing fine mom, what's up?

Aydin's Mom: Nothing, I just want to check up on you.

Aydin: Alright? I'll see you later mom, love you.

Aydin's Mom: Love you too.

Aydin hung up.

Aydin: Weirdest thing, my mom called me.

Autumn: She did?

Aydin: Yeah, it was weird.

Elon: How is that weird?

Aydin: She knows I'm in school, and she usually only calls me during school if something is wrong.

Addilyn: Something must be wrong then?

Aydin: But she sounded happy. I'm not going to worry about it. Let's go Elon, we need to get to class.

Elon: Alright. Bye Autumn, bye Addilyn.

Addilyn: Bye Elon.

Elon and Aydin walked to their last period class. The thought of her mom calling her during school still lingered inside her head.

Elon looked around, he closed his eyes focusing on a buzzing sound. He turned his head towards a window and opened his eyes. He got up, teacher yelled at him.

Elon: Aydin move now!

Aydin: What?

Elon: Tier 4! Move!

Aydin and everyone around her moved out the way, away from the window.

Elon: Tier 4 Steel Wall!

An explosion went off, sounding the alarms in the school. Elon rushed after the person who set it off. Aydin watched from afar.

Aydin: What was that?

Elon: You there! Stop!

Person: Tier 5 Steel Wall!

Elon:What the hell!

Person: Tier 5 Fire Breath!

Elon: Who the fuck is this guy! Get back here! Stop! Tier 4 Grass Wall!

Person: What the...

The mysterious person stop and turns around. Elon catches up to him. They stare at each other.

Elon: That was you who tried to kill Aydin? Why?

Person: Family affairs. Your not family, stay out of this! Tier 5 Cloud Storm!

Elon: Arggh!

He disappeared.

Elon: Family affair? Aydin!

Class ended. School ended, Elon walked Aydin home. They didn't talk about what happened during class. They stayed quiet throughout the whole walk.

Elon: Are you sure you'll be ok?

Aydin: Yes I'm sure Elon.

Elon: Alright.

Aydin smirked and leaned in to give Elon a kiss on the cheek. His eyes widen and he blushed. Aydin smiled and giggled a little.

Aydin: You're so caring. You would make a great boyfriend.

Elon: R-really?

Aydin: Yeah!

Aydin walked towards her house. She turned around and blew Elon a kiss. He stood still for a couple minutes.

Aydin: Mom I'm home!

Aydin's Mom: Alright, come get Doody and go to your room.

Aydin: Okay..

Aydin came to pick up Doody, herbaby brother. She saw his face and felt uncomfortable; she saw her mother sweating and saw his hand behind her mothers back. She took Doody and left to her room.

Aydin's Mom: Leave! You're not supposed to be here!

Man: Shut up! I came here to see my daughter.

The man grinned in licked his lips a little.

Aydin's Mom: No! Out now!

Man: Oh come on baby, I came to see you too.

Aydin's Mom: Out Jason!

Man: Fine! Screw you Beth!

Aydin's mom closed the door and locked it. She paced back and forth thinking. She called Luna, Elon's mom.

Aydin's Mom: Hey Luna, I need a favor...

Next day, Aydin dropped Doopy off at the babysitter and went to school. She bumped into older kids, one girl one boy.

Boy: Oh? Looks like a snack?

Girl: Let's go.

Boy: No! Move!

The boy pushed the girl out the way and pushed Aydin against the wall and pinned her down. The girl left.

Aydin: Leave me alone!

Boy: Nah, I'm good. Plus, you look good short stuff.

Aydin: Somebody hel-

The boy covered her mouth. He slowly put his fingers on her thigh and went up it. Before he could reach Aydin's skirt, he got knocked to the ground. A figure was helping Aydin pick her things up.

Boy: You fucking bastard!

Elon: Tier 2 Wind Fist. Hope you like flying and jail pal!

Boy: Wha-

Elon sent the boy to jail with one punch. Both Aydin and Elon walked to school.

Elon: You okay?

Aydin: Yeah, thanks by the way.

Elon: No problem.

Lunch rolled around. Elon heard something.

Elon's Head: Where's Aydin!?

Addilyn: Hey Elon!

Elon: Addilyn where's Aydin!?

Addilyn: She went home early, why?

Elon: Fuck! I have to go. Bye Addilyn!

Addilyn: Bye... Elon...

Elon: Bye Addilyn.

Addilyn looked down at the ground. Tears crawling to her nose and falling to the ground. Elon didn't look back.

Aydin: Get away from my mom you pervert!

Aydin's Dad: Shut up! Your ho of a mom still owes me a special special for my work.

Aydin: Don't call her that! Let us Down!

Aydin's dad slapped Aydin across the face. He looked at her and licked his lips, then look back Aydin's mom.

Aydin's Mom: That's your daughter!

Aydin's Dad: Is she? Last time I checked I don't have any special abilities!

Beth: She is your daughter. I have-

Jason: Shut the fuck up! I will kill her if you lie to me again! To my face!

Beth: I'm sorry Jason...

Jason: Bet you are. You're coming with me up stairs.

Beth: Jason, no... Please.

He ignored her. They both went up stairs, Beth topless with a bra on only; a gun to her back.

Aydin: Mom!

Jason: Shut up down there!

Elon kept running

Beth: Jason, please... I can't have another child. Understand that, please...

Jason: Heh, I don't care. You broke me, I'll break you. Anyway I can, many ways I can!

Beth: Jason, your son is here, don't do this. He's staring right at you.

Jason: True. Let's kill him.

Beth: No!

Beth got up and tackle Jason and pinned him to against the wall. Crying.

Jason: Get off of me bitch!

Beth: No! I won't let you take away my baby!

Jason: Get off of me you whore, its payback. You took them away from me, now you get to feel how I felt that day.

Beth: Jason! No!

Elon came crashing in. He saw Aydin hanging on her wall, clothes tworn.

Aydin: Elon, upstairs! My mom and Doody.

Elon took Aydin down and gave his jacket to her. He dashed upstairs.

Jason: This is the outcome of the choice you made Beth!

Beth: Jason no!

Jason pulled the trigger; Elon came in and covered Doody. Beth eyes opened wide. Jason stepped back.

Elon: Tier 4!

Jason: Tier 6!

Elon and Beth's eyes widen.

Elon: Beth get Doody, and get out of here now! Don't forget about Aydin.

Beth: What ab-

Elon: I said now! Don't worry about me. Get out now!


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