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LUCIFIER has nowadays started becoming active day by day. His mindset is working to find out the real reason behind Bible's invention and concludes that even Bible is secretly working hard in increasing its followers base. But why does a religious book need lots of followers. This question of mine is strange but Christians believe Bible to be GOD'S WORDS. 

1. SATAN turned the Bible from top to bottom and after referring various edition, testaments and many stories he found out that just like his stories even Bible is nothing but various discussions that has taken place between saints and their followers explaining about a situation. 

2. Not all the stories sync perfectly. ALMIGHTY GOD creating Adam and eve finds more importance than Adam and lilith. This one point doesn't end perfect and has made Satan to open his 3rd eye. LUCIFIER known for his truth discovering nature is not happy with the ending of lilith in that way because it rejects the false story of Bible regarding lilith. 

3. Both lilith and Adam were created together and after sometime she becomes headstrong and acts like a man instead of women and Adam unable to handle her complains it to GOD and before GOD could do something she leaves Adam and unites with Samuel. GOD instead of approving their relationship sends angels to bring her back to the paradise and deeply furious GOD curses her as demoness and all her childrens dead. 

4. It seemed as if Bible doesn't know much about lilith or doesn't want to give importance to her because it feared her. There are few facts which Satan alone knows about lilith. 

5. Lilith is exceptionally beautiful lady much more than any other lady of all times. If it is said that she is the goddess of beauty and that the word beauty itself came after her appearance shouldn't be wrong. She was the lady who was both beautiful and powerful and yes was arrogant but not to that extent as described in Bible. If a lady is beautiful definitely she would misbehave and this Adam is such a pig that he didn't even know how to love that beautiful damsel instead showed his act of masculinity and after finding it harder to win her in a combat, like a crying child he runs to GOD and complains it. 

Adam was GOD created but he feared Samuel and instead of fighting with that evil womanizer leaves his wife to get harassed, extortioned and finally says to GOD that HE DOESN'T WANT THAT MOLESTED LILITH AND THAT LET SHE DIE IN THE CLUTCHES OF THAT BASTARD VULGAR WOMANIZER AS IF SHE HAS NO OPTION AT ALL BUT TO ACCEPT THAT BITCH SON SAMUEL. 

A brave lady like lilith though would end herself instead of boring childrens for that ash hole loafer womanizer. Not only lilith let it be any woman on earth she definitely would die if forced to leave with a ruthless beast who doesn't even know the basics of love. 

If at all lilith would select anyone it definitely won't be Samuel but should and definitely be LUCIFIER. 

So the story set by Bible on lilith is baseless and is done to degrade womanhood in all by insulting lilith. 


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    Martha Paredes


    Feb 05, 2019

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    Feb 05, 2019

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    God Opediaology


    Feb 05, 2019

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