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Sub Category : Graphic novel

I am the prince of all boxing, I take my domain, I rule my domain as my name is Romalis meaning 'Popularity' my name is rich, just call me Prince Rich. As you catch up to my rythms as I sing called the Double End Singer you notice my sweetness of Crimson & Scarlet, of Red decour my walls are build. Royal in it's family of humility things if it wasn't for my Keeper of all called the Keeper of lights in Heavenly Places. So as you know I'm the prince of all, as I make rules of all boxing...

1. You can be cocky but not arrogant.

2. You can be a beast; but with no pride.

3. It takes humility & love

To be the true savage in life.

4. It takes passion and love to fight

5. Show compassion and Mercy to you opponent.

6. Beat them bloody but not too bloody

7. Love always

If you won't abide by these rules_

The Spirit of spirits

And the Machismo Lamb will take you down in shame.

As Mexico is my passionate 

Most adored country

As the Lord made my throne a cactus of my life, the sorrows and pains thereofe- He made my skin brown

As He grows my dreads gold

With edges and clips and tapers and things.

He makes my eyes for glasses to see long distance to lead.

He took me back to Oklahoma my home town. To defeat Kundalini Serpent.

As I stand here today as I tell you

Philippians 4:13 

"I can do all things through Christ Jesus, who gives me strength."


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