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As a kid it was the best thing in the world to get a card and $5 from grandma on your birthday. Every single year you could count on grandma sending that money to show her love and that she was always thinking about you. 

Then the teenage years came and as a teen you start to think the $5 is lame and grandma is cheap. 

But what you don’t understand is that wrapped up in the $5 bill you get in your card every year, is love. Even though grandmas hands are weak and riddled with arthritis, she remembers to send your card and that lame ole $5. Even though grandmas memory is fading, she never forgets you because you’re burned into her mind. 

The weird gifts at Christmas never make much sense and smell kind of funny but she tries with everything she has to show you that you’re loved. To be able to remind you once again that she’s thinking of you, even though you haven’t seen her in years. 

Then you become an adult and life is crazy! You don’t see her much but you know that you can always count on grandma to send you that card and $5 to show you that you’re loved. 

Your birthday comes and there’s no card with your $5 in it because grandma has gone to Heaven. The pain is deep and you wish you had of spent more time with her but it’s too late. 

Then one day you get a sign that grandma has been bragging about you to God. To her, you’re amazing and the absolute best! She had to make sure God knows! So God causes a postal miracle after years gone by. 

Life’s hard and you’re feeling defeated but one day you’re blessed with an unexpected gift! It was your last birthday card she had sent before she passed, that had gotten lost in the mail when you moved. 

She knew she was sick, frail and going to go. The card read in messy writing with her soft, tired, hands, “I will never leave you, here’s your $5, love always Grandma. 

God and Grandma watched as tears trickled down your face. Grandma smiled so big because she knew you would never forget from that day on how much she loved you


  • Feb 05, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Beautifully heartwarming 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Feb 06, 2019

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