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So she found herself single after a long tiring relationship that she gave her all . She was fed up with being alone and talking herself out of self pity every night for being dealt such a bad hand when it came to love so like most she turned to social media in hopes to find someone. She really don't know what this someone was for or what she was to do with them when they were found and yet there she was scrolling through profiles looking for him. She had a few close calls and a few inquires that scared the shit out of her, so much so she took a break from the hunt several times. She got to the point where she no longer had hope that she would ever find him, that caused her to completely switch gears she had,had enough she no longer wanted to find him the heartbreak of continuously being let down by he after he broke her spirit and will to hunt any longer. She now had this thirst to be the girl who didn't need him. She changed everything she said she changed everything she did she transformed. The her that craved him now only craved her. The her that gave he after he her undivided attention no longer had time or space to even lend another he a minute of her time, All the hope was upgraded to determination . all the frustration vanished with the thoughts of having to satisfy another he disappearing, most of all the option to put anyone before herself was GONE. so now she had these profiles that she had to figure what to do with, she chose to showcase her journey and let every other she out there that she could be her, in doing so she gained so many friends who wanted her journey to be apart of theirs some knowingly some accidentally, the biggest thing she stumbled on in all this was figuring out why she craved him more than her to begin with. was it the lack of self confidence? or maybe the drilled in thought of thinking she could only be a asset to him and couldn't be great and him be a asset to her? was it the fact that she was more comfortable lifting others up and tearing herself down? was it the fact that all the he's who were supposed to love her no matter what never did their job? was it the fact that all she never seen a he give his all and she enjoyed thinking she would be the one to change that?  she had no idea all she knew was that she was learning herself in a way she thought she already knew and she LOVED her she finally LOVED her.........


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