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cut to a man holding a suitcase with his new written book called misery´s child the man is Paul Sheldon. he opens the door to the back seat and puts it  into the back seat then he closes the door then he gets into the driver´s seat then he starts the car. and then he drives off then music starts to play in the background and then the beginning credits start but first a title card comes up in a red color 


Based on the Novel by Stephen King 

screenplay by Nathan .J.  Monceaux 


Katey Johnson as Annie Wilkes 

Nathan .J. Monceaux as Paul Sheldon 

Then cut to Paul getting out his car with the bag on his shoulder then he shuts the do then cut to a woman sitting at a table next to Paul 

The woman: well Paul I´m so glad you are at least making a final chapter to misery´s life I´m mean you made so many books on her but the thing is how do you feel that this will be her final book 

Paul: well I don´t know I put my life into misery and I´m gonna be sad to see her go but at least she will go in peace 

The woman: well I´m glad you feel the same I mean I know how you feel one man can´t spend his whole life writing romance novel´s 

Paul: I agree 

The woman: well I´ll put a day for publishing so you could just go home and work on any correction´s Okay 

Paul: Okay 

Then cut to Paul getting back in his car then he starts it up and then he drives off and then cut to him driving on a snowy road but then a truck appears on the same side of the road he´s on so then he tries to turn his car. but it flips over and crashes into a ditch 

Paul: screaming CRAP! 

Then it fades to black then cut to a woman walking through the snow then she sees the car and then she walks towards it then see takes her hand and punches through the glass and unlocks the car door. then she grabs Paul by his arms and pulls him out but when she does she checks to see if he´s still breathing and he is he´s alive 

Annie: yes thank god he´s still alive Okay let´s get you into the car

 then she sticks her arm back into the car but this Time it´s the back seat she pulls out a suitcase holding his latest misery novel then it fades to black Then cut to Paul trying to open his eyes.

Annie: it´s Okay I´m your biggest fan and I´m also a nurse so you´ll be fine your in good health condition 

Paul: what what what happened 

Paul finally opens his eyes to get a good look at his nurturer 

Annie: my name is Annie Wilkes and I´m your number one fan

 then cut to Paul and he has a black eye and he looks pale white and he looks like he´s gonna throw up 

Paul: where where am I who are you what happened 

Annie: it´s fine your Okay I´m Annie Wilkes and I´m your number one fan and I´m a nurse so I´ll take good care of you Your the Author Paul Sheldon 

Paul: yeah how do you know 

Annie: well look 

She points to a shelf with all the misery books that Paul had written 

Annie: here drink you´ll feel better 

she hands him a cup of water and he puts the straw in his mouth and begins to sip it but he sips it fast 

Annie: hey hey slow down you silly mouse be careful 

he stops drinking then she puts down the cup on the table right next to him 

Paul: I have to get out of here I have to get to my wife´s house I have to see my daughter 

Annie: I´m sorry Paul but the only thing you´ll be doing for now is recovering from the car crash 

Paul: crash 

Annie: yes Paul you were in a car crash but don´t worry your fine 

Paul: Oh no wait my book my new misery book I left it 

Annie: calm down Paul I got that out for you it´s safe it´s in perfect shape 

Paul: Thank you Annie 

Annie: your welcome anything for my number one Author if you need anything I´ll be there for you 

Paul: your to kind 

Annie: Paul 

Paul: yes Annie

Annie: I know it sounds like a lot to ask for but could I read your new misery book I mean just to see what it´s like before you get it published 

Paul: why sure you can I mean yeah an why don´t you tell me what do you think when your done reading I mean you saved me and I need to repay the favor right 

Annie: I guess so chuckling 

Paul: so what about my legs

Annie looks down in such fear in her eyes 

Annie: well your legs are in pretty bad shape but don´t worry 

she lifts her head and walks over to him and uncovers him and she reveals that she put his legs in casts. 

Annie: your legs will heal you´ll and you´ll be able to walk again 

Paul: thank´s 

Annie shakes her head letting Paul know he´s welcome then she picks up the cup and then she begins to walk out the door 

Paul: ANNIE! 

Annie stops and turns to face him 

Annie: yeah 

Paul: thank for everything 

Annie: Paul 

Paul: yes Annie

Annie: do you think you and me can be friends 

Paul: I think you and I can be great friends 

She smiles at him and starts waving her hands in joy 

Annie: ya ya ya ya ya 

Then starts Spinning around over and over then she runs out the room in happiness 

To Be Continued in Act 2 


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