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 Ok so . I'll tell you about something that's happening recently. I am twelve about to have a birthday in April. My grandma. Who I live with. Is pressureing me to "not be so lazy". And " stop being on your phone all the time"

I live in the country and I'm relatively shy. I try to strike up conversation when I can. But I prefer not to. 

The only friends I have I can bring myself to talk to. Is my online friends. Plus . Thare the only ones I can talk to because we'll. I'm homeschoold. So I have no access to many people. 

My aunt is a drug addict and my mother can't take care of me. 

My father can. But doesn't want to . So he sends me 100$ on my birthday and Christmas to make up. I had to grow up faster than other kids because we'll. My grandma got dissabled when I was ten. 

Before that tho

I cooked . Cleaned and when to public school. But I still only had one real friend. Who I never see now

. Now I feel so tired when I wake up after getting the perfect rest. 

I don't want to do anything but sleep and play on my phone. 

And I cry alot . But . To myself. I hardly cry in front of people. 

I live with six dogs and. I'm expected to keep it perfect all the time. But I can't. 

My grandma yells at me alot. And I don't have my little sister to help me calm down . When my blood pressure is up I have nose bleeds according to my doctor. My grandma still seas I do it to get out of trouble. Casing her to yell more.

I don't know if it's my fault for just wanting to be a kid. Or not ...


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