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Sub Category : Romance

It was Himani festival of Japan. I and my friends celebrating with some cold  drinks cans and food " 桜マドレーヌ" which is very tasty. One of my friend ask me to buy some drinkable water. I go to near stand man asking for a bottle full of water. I just turn myself so fast that I pour water on the girl dress who was standing my back. She started removing pour water from her dress. I told her to come with me at the corner of the stalls. She said ok.

I wave my handkerchief towards her dress to dry it up. She took my handkerchief and start rubbing on her dress. When I took a look at her I just wanted to spent my rest of my life watching her, carrying her. My heart started beating fast and my face turn red. I wanted to talk to her apologize her but words don't want to come out of my mouth. Suddenly her friends come while search her.  She thanks me for taking care of her. She told me that her friend is deaf. Hearing that I was freeze for minute. After getting my full conscious I want to apologise her. I want to know her name. But all I left was that Himani festival memories and that face of her. I just want to know her name...


  • Feb 04, 2019

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