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Do you know that average human live up to almost 100 years? 

Also, 1 out of zillion of us born on earth go through same thing : sickness,death and loss of friensship.

We laugh,cry and pray to God to heal from our greif and forgiven our sins. We born in the sense of place not perfect.yet the man made world fools you with billboard and commercials, dating apps to make you have your life easy.

When we know it not suppose to be easy. If it was,then Jesus wouldn't have die for us to show us his testimony and First woman would not obey orders. Happen so ,those things was taught us through God his way. 

Where if you made or influence by arrogant people,your decisions going be effect by it.

Eventually, you or someone still pay the price.

Even if it famous or beauty, it not free. It definitely not consent by God. You know when it falls apart, you done something bad. Just like myself example let negativity crop my 4 years of my life and lost my sense plus bestfriend too.little did I know that God was always protect, love me. He sent me friend whom inspire tough love for me to be strong. It wasn't exact how i see it but my prayer was answer.  I did kept focus on my job fam. Never again go out for friends who change you control you unappreciated too.

I console a wise friend whom change me in good way. After all, it bless be part of somethn that on person terms and god. I accept it . Even if I known we be strong together, the courses was off.He had never really love or agree to go with me .

All the time maybe done for me to not be alone. It's not what I need in Life. If someone done something for you and not agrees with them,it for you be happy not them.I realized poor dude uncomfortable many times. We both influence wrong and made everythn confuse too fast.

So what did I do? I pray and reflect. I told this guy that I been pat down by outside forces. It laterally made me vulnerable.  You expect without my knowledge to change fast like you.it can't be done way. It his fault to put high expectations when I ask for help. True, I should never let negativity get too far. I am only one person .

Far that I known I lost too many relatives and went through man like yesrurday,they don'tike an broken or struggle woman. I am Not of looks. I look for maturity and whom posrive.

Sure,friendship come and go.  I won't let others control and dictate it.I won't let this one last friendship end because of past. 

The moral lesson is have plenty of people admire you not worth your own life or friendship of man care by god.

I Have gone through diet and beauty makeover. It doesn't change a thing with man I knowbn.

So if you need more of click then just make sure they right in their minds. If you care to be a beauty queen,do to show world you love yourself. 

Love god. 

Better not screw up the only friend that care for you. 

If he or she not romantically there for hookup,he's there to assist you.


  • I like the message but not that fact you're adding God into it

    Feb 04, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Strong and intense- good insight Use that to stay positive

    Feb 07, 2019

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