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I'm already married, though without a wedding ring, what is the need?

Though I'm young I really don't care; I love you anyway, I don't care, though a ring takes my breath away, amazed in unbelief, I'm married though without a ring; you can say I'm naive,

You can say I'm too young, but I'm married full of love and love alone. I'm married not for riches or gold, I'm married because I truly love you from the bottom of my heart. I'm married because I miss you and I cherish you with all my heart. Though a ring might take my breath away in shock, dreaming 'Is this even real!?' full of tears overflowing from my heart with abundance, I love you so much that I cry myself to sleep. I'm married though ur far away, I'm married because I'm so madly in love with you. I always dreamed about marriage; but truly & surely I love you. And I'm so happy that I'm finally married with you. 😭❤️😭❤️❤️


  • What's marriage and What's love

    Feb 04, 2019

  • Feb 04, 2019

  • Feb 04, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    A beautiful sentiment 🦋my concern is that you e will you ever be together again. Otherwise it seems that your feeling s may not change and it may affect how you will deal with that🦋🦋

    Feb 04, 2019

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