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Chapter 6

Margaret's New Friend

It was the early afternoon, I'm crating lunch for Margaret today concerning Victoria is at work and Cookie has gone off doing her studies. I swear they're hiding something from me, but what? I'll figure that out later. But wait, when I think about it. I think Margaret is hiding something from me too. Ever since about three weeks she got that new phone of hers. She been texting constantly. But to who?

Margaret's Point Of View

What is this? This feeling? Every since that rumor about the headless man. I have been terrified, but at same time I want him to find me. I talk this to big sister and she says I should write a dairy. So I did, and all I do write now. On my phone and my secret journal I under the couch.

I keep both things on me at all times when I'm at home, which is most of the time. I do go out a lot but headless rumor always scares me and people talk about all through town. That's why I like home, because I feel safe. Luckily I have some friends to comfort me. As the same goes with my sisters.

Dairy Log

Date: 23/5/20××

8:45 PM

I'm at town right now. It's night, I was invited to a party by some friends. But I got lost, while wondering I saw a weird car parked in front of a bar.

The bar looked old but was cleaned bran new. The bar was named 'Blue Wally's' what a weird name.

I can hear people inside, I slowly opened the door and took a peek inside. I saw a pale guy drinking some red wine. A man with very hairy arms, drinking beer. And a man who looks like he's wearing soldier uniform and drinking whiskey. Who are these three? They're all a strange looking bunch.

I turn my gaze at the front counter. It was him... THE HEADLESS MAN!!!


And there goes my cover.

"What the?!"

"What is that?!"

"It's a human girl."

"What?! A human, but how?! I thought no humans can find this place!"

"Apparently not."

"What should we do?"

"I suggest we just simply kill her."

"Good idea, good idea indeed."

Wait what?! They are going kill me just like that?! I gotta hide, Now!

So I hide right under the odd looking car. I hear heavy foot steps coming outside.

"Come on little girl, we don't have all night. Just come out under the car and we'll make quick."

They literally going to kill me! What do I do? I don't wanna die!

I felt a sudden surge through out my body. It wasn't fear, it was something else. It was anger.

These people, these things! They are going to kill me. Or maybe not... they can't kill me, they can't. How can I tell my sisters if I'm dead?! No, I won't accept it, I won't accept it. I won't let them kill me!

"Just let us kill you already."

Full of out bursting rage, I stood up while easily lifting the car with my two hands.


"What the hell!?"

"Get down!"

And just like that, I literally threw the car right at them. Making a huge hole at the entrance. The sign has got broken into two. The once nice bar is totally destroyed, by my bare hands more or less.

Did I kill them? I don't know if I should feel bad for it, they did plan to kill me after all. But still, killing is bad no matter what's the reason. I probably didn't killed them, but they are stuck. I should probably remove the car, I still don't get where I got this absinthe strength come from. I work into that later, right now I have to get them outta there.

But before I could even touch the car, the car started moving. In reaction I stepped away in an primordial distance. Then the car was thrown in the air again, luckily not in my direction. I saw the hairy man come out of the cloud of dust. When he spotted me, he had a face of surprise.

"Why are you still here?"

"I thought you guys were stuck, and I was going remove the car out of the way."

"Hmm? Really? You were gonna do that?"

"*Nodded* Yeah."

"Why? We were trying to kill you."

"True. But the reason I would do it is because it's the right thing to do!"

His eyes widened, he just kept staring. Walking not losing eye contact. When he was standing right in front of me, he blinked a few times before spoke.

"Are you a fairy? Because this is like the first time any human said something like that to me."

"No, I'm not a fairy. But would love to meet one, I heard that they have beautiful wings like butterflies."

"That is true, fairies do have butterflies like wings. Not only that, there are real live fairies in the park further yonder."

"*Gasped* Really?!"

"Ugh!? *Blushed* Y-Yeah. I even meant some myself."

"Can you show me some time? Pretty please~"

"*Blushed* W-well, because you said so nicely. *Nervous Coughing* S-sure, anytime."

"*Gasped* Ladd!"


I turn to the side to see whose yelling. It was that pale guy.

"Ladd! Don't tell me you just fell for a human!"

"Uh? Beherztheit?! Wait, no! I can explain!"

"Don't say my name you idiot! There's a human here!"

That name, it's sounds familiar. Wait...

"Beherztheit? As in Ven Del Beherztheit? The vampire assassin of the Germany Eastern Europe? Is that really you?!"

"Wait what?! How do you know about me and my past? Answer me!"

"I heard of you only in accident legends. To think, your real a right in front of me. It's truly an honor."

"An... honor? *Blushed* Well of course you would feel honoured. I am Ven Del Beherztheit, the vampire assassin of Germany Easten Europe after all! *Laughter*"

Ladd's Point Of View

Damn that cocky Baster! Beherztheit would always talk about how horrible humans are and here he is getting swayed by one. But yet again, she is pretty cute, adorable even. Damn you Beherztheit! Oh I wish, to have that much attention.

Oh, I should probably introduce myself. *Cleared Throat* I am Ladd Fest, I'm what humans call a werewolf. Teeth, claws and all, I'm full werewolf. This guy here is my friend Ven Del Beherztheit, he's vampire. But you already knew that. My other friend is Frank and he is, hold a minute... where is Frank?

Beherztheit Point Of View

Finally, finally I'm getting admire for my efforts over thousands years ago. It's took a while, but it's well worth it. I always despise human for there inability for thank you. I want to protect the humans I cared for and they just treat me like a freak. But her, this girl looks up to me like the hero I used to be. I wanted this, so why do I still feel guilty. For what back then.

"Hey Mr. Beherztheit? Are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah I'm fine."

"... your lining."

"Huh? What was that?"

"There's clearly something bothering you! It's written all over your face."

She's worrying about me, but why? It was me who suggested to kill her. Even if she does admire me that's no exudes. So why?

"Mr. Beherztheit?"



"Why are you so nice to me? Have you forgotten that I tried to kill you?!"

"And, what of it?"

What of it? What of it?! How can she say that so plainly. Like this happened to her before or something.

"I worry about others all the time, your no exception. So yeah, what of it?"

"But I tried to kill you."

"Killing is bad, no matter what the reason. But... you didn't kill me, so that's okay."


Is this girl an angel?! Because there's no human who would say that. Not even after dying a million times. Who is this girl?! What is she?! Am I finally died and sent to heaven?! This feels like dream, it can't be real!

Margaret's Point Of View

Mr. Beherztheit has a weird look on his face, like if he's both shocked and confused. I heard something in rubble behind him. In caution I stepped back.

"Huh? Why are you backing away?"

I pointed behind him, he turns around noticing the moving rubble. He walks closer and reached into the rubble, pulling out a head! It was that soldier guy!

"Hey Mister! Are you okay?!"

I approach carefully and slowly. He still looks like he's alive but where's his body? Then out of nowhere his body popped out of the ground and he'd dusted himself off. What hell is going on here!?

"Ah~ there you are Frank. I was wondering where you been buried."

Frank? Dose Ladd mean this walking zombie? First I get lost, then I spotted a weird looking car which threw into the bar. Now these super natural beings showing up out of the blue. How can this get any better? This is way better any party!

"Hey Mister! Are you a zombie?"

"Yeah, I am. But don't get scared though, I don't eat brains. I prefer chocolate then any humans skin."

He grabs his head out of Mr. Beherztheit hands and placed back on his body. He then bought out a needle and some thread.

"Dose anyone have a mirror? Beherztheit?"

"I'm vampire, we don't have reflections."


"Too delicate man, even if I had one it would be probably broken by now."

"Hmm~ Hey James! Do you have a mirror on you?!"

James? Whose James? That headless man? How could he hear if he's under so much rubble. Actually how can he hear at all if doesn't have ears.

The ground started to shake and the bar was fixing itself. My face in a state of shock and amazement. A building that can magically rebuild itself was truly incredible. Then I heard clanked mental, I turn to see the car fixing itself too. So cool! I couldn't believe my eyes. This was happening right in front of me. When the car was fully fixed, it turned on and it parked itself in front of the bar again.

I coughed a bit from the floating dust in the air. The dust changed colour though, it turned to a dark blue colour. And all of it was soaring into one direction. As the dust disappears, I see where the dust was going to. It was transferring to the headless man neck hole. He slowly walks up to me, fear goes through out my body.

I close my eyes shut, then I felt a hand on top of my head. Stroking gently. I open eyes to see, the headless man was stroking me.

Is this is the headless man? He seems nicer then I thought. This is really the man that I was so afraid of? Now I just feel silly. Big sister always says that you can't judge someone until you get to know in person. And she was totally right. His hand feels nice.

I leaned into touch, then he stopped stroking and hovered his over my forehead. Then he flicked my head, twice.

"Ow~ what was that for?"

He said nothing, not like he can. He pulls out a phone a texted on it then showed it to me.

'You broke my bar, that's why I flicked you the first time. I'd flicked you the second time cause you broke my car too.'

So this is how he communicate with others. Wait, this bar is his? Same with the car too? That's both odd and surprising, at least it explains the bartender uniform.

"Sorry, my bad. I just really angry and well... I'm very sorry. *Bows*"

I didn't look up, but I heard him texting again. Then he showed me his phone and it said.

'Rise your head. I forgive you.'

I lifted my head and stood straight. He again stroked my head. Then he texted on his phone, showed to me then pointed to his car.

'Need a ride home? I can help you if you want to.'

"Oh! Yes please! *Nodded* That would be a huge help, thank you."

"Wait, hold on James! How come she gets to ride on your car?!"

'Because she's cute.'


"James!! You selfish Baster!"

Uh oh, they look like they're going to duked it out. I should probably not get involved with this. But never seen fight against different races before, it's kinda exciting.

James Point Of View

Bunch of fools, do they not understand that if we fight now, the human will see. And she doesn't look like she's going to leave anytime soon. She is way too into this as it is. What do I do?


"Huh? What is it Mr. James?"

She's so adorable, it almost a crime to even look at her bright smile. Wait, That's it!

'Turn around a put on your best smile.'

"Hmm? Why?"

'Do you want to get caught up in this crossfire?'

"*Shakes* no sir."

After she said that, she'd turned around and I am assuming she actually trying to put up a smile. But she's shaking she must be nervous. I texted on my phone showed it to her.

'Relax, it will be okay. Just breath.'

"*Inhale/Exhale* Okay let's try again."

Margaret's Point Of View

I tried again to put my best smile. They stopped progressing.

That actually work?! What the hell!?

"So cute~"

I feel suddenly uncomfortable right now.

I stepped back as they came closer, I'd hit into something while doing so. I looked up to see James.

'We should probably get going.'

"Sounds like a plan."

He grabs me by the hand and drags me into his car. Then Ladd jumps right at us, like an animal.

Then again, he is a werewolf. So that's kinda normal.

After James got me in his car, he gave me something. It looks like some kind necklace.

"What's this?"

'Keep this with you at all times. It's magical necklace that will keep you safe.'

"Oh, thank you."

'Now I'm going to tell you a magic spell, but only use this spell when it's absolute necessary. Do you understand?'

"*Nodded* Yes."

He leans down towards to me. The dark blue dust surrounded me, and I heard a voice.

Is this James actually voice?

He told me a collective of words both confusing and understandable. He pulls away and stroked my head.

'Don't go anywhere okay, and no matter what you hear. You don't, and I mean you don't open the door. Understood?'

"*Nodded* Yes!"

He pats my head.

'Good girl. I'll be back.'

Then he closed the car door. Then I started hear a bunch of loud noise. I hold my necklace tight and prayed for James safety.

James Point Of View

As I closed the door behind me, I slowly turned around. A zombie on my left, a vampire on my right and a werewolf in front of me.

'Alright, whose first?'

Ladd jumps at me, I can't dodge or he'll get to the girl. I could have to block, but then he'll use the pressure of the impact to get inside. So I kicked him to my side, causing Frank to get knocked out unconscious.

'That deals with him.'

Beherztheit jumps me but luckily I was able to stop him. I grabbed him by the collar and threw him right on Ladd and Frank. Then I summoned my scythe, and wracked the back of it on the three heads.

"*Groaned* Ow~"

"That hurt James. *Groaned*"

It seems like Frank is asleep, oh well. I'll hit him again another time.

'That's what you get from harming an innocent girl.'

I remove my scythe away, and walk towards my car driver door. I hopped in and place my seatbelt on, texting on my phone to show to the girl.

'Where to miss?'

I waited for her answer. But I was given a hug from behind instead.

"Thank God, your alright."

I realize why these idiot like her so much, she is truly has a heart of gold.

I texted again but she puts my phone again and spoke.

"It's okay, I already know what your going to say. It's funny really, it's almost like I can read your thoughts."

Sweet but it's kinda annoying. I don't have a head so it feels like she making a fool of me. Like a those years ago.

"Hmm? *Giggled* Sorry about that, I probably shouldn't have said that last bit. I promise I'm not making fun of you, I was just telling you how I feel."

How? How did she actually known what I was thinking?

I remove her fragile little arms off of me. I texted again and then showed her what I said.

'What's your name?'

"Margaret! Kōdō Margaret!"

'I'm James, James Benjamin. It's nice to meet you Miss Kōdō.'

"Please, call me Margaret. Only my big sister is called Miss Kōdō."

'Very well, Margaret. Buckle up, and let's get going.'

"Yes sir!"

She says that while doing that thing that sailor do. When she buckled her seatbelt she told me where she live. Surprised by how trusting she can be. She talk a lot, she told me she has three identical sisters. If one wasn't enough, there are three more. 

Through all these years, I never meant someone so talkative towards me. And she human, so that's more surprising. Not even other monsters would talk to me so much. It's kinda annoying, but yet nice. It's nice to know there is someone whose afraid of you but still wants to talk.

She ask me questions, but I didn't need to answer cause she knew what I was thinking. Still don't know how though. It's almost like she can read my expression, if had one at least.

Margaret's Point Of View

I like James, as friend I mean. He's so different and interesting. And not saying that cause he has no head, I mean that he different personality wise. He's so cool too.

"Oh, hey! This is the place."

As I unbuckle my seatbelt, the car door opens. I jumped out of the car to see James. Holding the door open.

When did he got out of the car? I guess that doesn't matter now.

'This is your home?'

"Yep. I know what your going to say, it's a bit tiny right?"

'Can you stop reading my thoughts, you damn psychic.'

"But I can't be a psychic, psychics read minds through the brain. And you have no head."

'Point taken.'

"Well, I ask this mean goodbye?"

'Highly doubt it.'

"Why so?"

'Tell me Margaret. Do you believe in faith?'

That question took me off guard, I definitely didn't expected that.

"Of course I believe in faith! All great heroes do!"

'Well, that's what I mean. I believe it's was fate.'

"Really?! That's is... so cool! *Cheered*"

I wrapped my arms around him tightly. He's tries to brake free, but hopelessly failed. He soon gave in and hugged me back. After the hug I walked towards the steps of the apartment I live in. I then turned around to wave goodbye but, he was gone. With a face of disappointment, I walked back inside home in my sister's arms.

" Margaret are you alright, how was your night?"

"It was... indescribable."

James Point Of View

I was still there when she'd turn around to say a last goodbye. I hide myself and my car to the side, out of sight. I feel kinda guilty, but I needed her to believe it was a dream. Even though I told her we'll meet again, I only said that because I felt pity.

When I heard a door opening and closing, I went into my car. I reached down into my pocket to grab my key, I got them with something else.

'A note? Where did this come from?'


'That hug. *Chuckled* Did she put this in my pocket while I wasn't looking? Clever little girl.'

I unfolded the note and it says:

'××××× this is my number. Let's talk some time. Call me~'

Oh my lord, did she really gave me her number? Now I know she way too trusting and she'll never think this as dream. Not now. 

This girl, will be the end of me.





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