When Auntie Died. Read Count : 4

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When you died, I convinced my self..

I convinced myself a lie..

And momma I know it wasn't right.

BUt that's the only thing that kept me in my sane.

I swear on that shit on everthang'

Even including my veins..

Alright, so auntie.

 Little Miah wasn't going to have anyone like that women anymore.

So I was scared.

Really scared.

Maybe a little too scared.

But sometimes I know she's watching me.

Watching me real hard.

Yeah you know, that keeps me off guard.

I can hear her calling me


I won't respond though....

This is a pretty confusing song huh?

Yeah I know. I'm just putting my thoughts.

And I'm adding this into my song...

So let me know if this would be pretty dope.


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