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(Warning for the religious and easily offended, turn back) 

(I'm warning you) 

A tyrant is an oppressive ruler. The definition of tyranny, not in government type context, is the cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power. The meaning of the frase "arbitrary use of power" means using power how you see fit without caring about it's adverse affects on others so long as you benefit from it. Oppression is the prolonged unfair and unjust ruling of someone. Why have I just hit you research straight up? Well I'm glad you asked forewarned reader. Through out a certain religious book who's title shall not be named but is very common explains how a certain higher deity use their power to "save" or "teach" people. Thus converting them to a certain religion...(Ok, last chance to turn back because I'm going to be very harsh on this)

(Ok, warnings out of the way) 

The religion I am referring to is Christianity. In the bible, thanks to someone who pestered me, I found how Jesus or God (don't care the difference) blinded a man for three days for being a "bad person". My point is that Christianities "God" is a tyrant. My proof is the following. 

       One, as previously stated, is the definition of a tyrant. Boiling down what I said at the begging basically means that a tyrant is someone who abuses their power to rule over a mass body of people. "God" (I'll just be referring to them as that for the sake of simplicity) has done the following. Blinded someone, twisted the ears of someone else, made four beings that bare the apocalypse, made plagues, and even banish Adams first wife. Yes you read right. In the first bible before the KJV Bible there is a part stating that Adam had a wife before Eve. Her name was Lilith. She was banished to hell for defying "God". Hell actually is another point, but for later. With all these wrong doings "God" is abusing this all mighty power and using what would now be called a fear tactic. The fear of being punished by going to hell or worse for not obeying him. That is essentially the meaning of oppression because of how hypocritical that is. 

        My next point is hell and oh is this a fun one. It is said that "God" forgives all. Forgiveness is no longer being mad or punishing someone or something for doing something stupid. Well if that's the case then there is no need for a hell or even a devil for that matter. Yet again though there in lies that this so called "Great God" of yours is using the threat of eternal damnation to force you to do as he says. 

        "But we choose to follow his righteous path" I hear you readers who doesn't head my damn warnings. Well in that case go commit a sin. Do it and be able to say that you both didn't sin and won't be punished for it. Do that and you would have succeeded in disproving me and proven you're stupider than bacteria. If you can't then you've proven me right. 

        Next up, the ten commandments. They are, No other Gods, No idols (those two right there show that this "God" isn't one for sharing the spotlight), No misuses of "Gods" name (God damn it, over prideful much), Keep the Sabbath holy, Honor your mother and father, and do not lie, commit adultery, murder, steal, or covet. Covet meaning don't be envious.  As you see three are already flawed. The rest are just enforcing those three flawed commands.

        This "God" you preach about is noting more than a hypocritical tyrant. From making severe punishments then though they say they forgive to using fear as a tool. 

        Preaching is another point. "God" teaches you to be nice but yet you preach, condemn, and force others into Christianity. That in itself should be a sin because a part of kindness is respect and you are not respecting others for their decisions. But it isn't because it's in the name of "God".

        Now don't mistake this for me taking up sides with "Satan". I can assure you 95% of satanists don't even know the teachings of satan or his plans. Those simply put are just "You do you and don't hurt anyone". 

        Another good example, "God" banished Lucifer for disobedience.

        To put this well researched sudo essay to rest because let's face it, the plague known as Christans are too blind and deaf to understand reason, I shall say this. Godopediaology, Satanopediaology, you two are nothing more than children crying in a dark room because you can't see and don't understand that the light switch is right next to you. 

        I'm an agnostic. Meaning there's an up, there's a down, but neither power interacts with our lives. All the other religions out grasp what I am saying to a certain degree. It is just Christianity (and probably Catholicism) that don't understand that your "God" is nothing more than a tyrant. If you need one example. Quetzalcoatl was a god from the Aztecs that believed that man and god should be equal. Either give man the power of gods or take away the gods power. That is why he went down to man as a man and taught them how to farm, math, science, and that there was no need for human sacrifice because all life matters no matter who you are. 

Damn the Christian plague


  • Feb 03, 2019

  • Feb 03, 2019

  • It may seem that way, but many things depend on your own perception. Some lessons may seem harsh, but at times they are nescessary.

    Feb 03, 2019

  • O ghost, why you need GOD when SATAN can answer your doubt

    Feb 04, 2019

  • Feb 06, 2019

  • my thing is if god lobes us people so mich than why make us suffer so mish and then we get tired of it and kill yourselves we get sent to hell right away. i mean how is that love. and i hate when they say he is testing you. theu also say prayer works, well when I was nine my motjer's cancer got worse , I prayed so hard for her. then not long after christmas she died. wtf dude and thats okay. and they say he loves us. fuck that shit

    Feb 09, 2019

  • I’ve never been so offended in all of my life. Goddamn you. Lol

    Feb 10, 2019

  • Moon Moon

    Moon Moon

    I love god but I suffer everyday and I wish that I didn't

    Apr 12, 2019

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