Can't Say How Much I Love You Read Count : 7

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Sub Category : Romance

We live together for 3 years. Having her make me feel good. She was only person with whom I like want to spent rest of life. Everything I make mistakes. Everytime say nonsense thing to her so that she leaves me. And move on in her life. I was a Happy person. Till my 34 birthday party. I got heartattack and leaving the whole world I go to comma.  My soul leaves my body and my physical body still Lying on the hospital bed. The girl of my life sitting next to me. She really love me. I decided to give her surprise by proposing her on my birthday. But I can't just because I got heartattack. I tried to talk to her but she can't hear a voice of mine. I thought that's what happens when people are in comma. They wants to say or do best, but they just can't. They just spend time while sleeping. It's been a year. She never left me alone. My soul tells me leave my body. He told me I've only last 45min after that I will die. I don't want to leave. My pluses become slow. My body start feeling more cold. I wish i have seen her for last. She was in office that night when I die


  • Feb 02, 2019

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