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Chapter 5

Cookie's Studies

It was evening, Victoria just came back home from work. She had a few scratches and scars. I ask her what happened, she said while doing her job she ran into some trouble. She says that it was some kind of gang fight and she got caught in the cross fire. Poor thing.

By this point you probably wondering where dose Cookie pops up in this. If not, then thank for patiently reading. For all of those people who are wondering. Like Chapter 4, this story is about one of the sisters side of the story. If you like this chapter, commit! If want read more check out my other work. Hope this is to your liking, enjoy~

Warning of Gore and Blood

Miss Kōdō Point Of View

I grabbed the first aid kit and go to rely on Victoria injuries. But when I got there, Cookie was doing all the work for me.

"Thank you, Cookie. This means a lot. *Yawns*"

"I told you to be careful. And did you do? You got yourself hurt! *Smacked*"

"Ow! That hurt Cookie. What's was that for?"

"That's your punishment for not listening to me."

"Punishment? Where did this come from? Cookie, your not dealing with any bad people are you?"

"No, I just got from a book someone gave me."

"Who are they?"

"Don't know, I can't remember their face."

"Even so, you should remember what gender they are."

"Like I said, I don't know. They seemed to be bulky but they were wearing a lot of makeup too. Plus they smelled like a poisonous flower."

"*Yawns* *Snort* Wait hold up. Describe them again."

"The looked like that they had the body of a man, but they were dress as if they were a woman. Victoria, do you know anything about them?"

"We they do sound similar to someone I know. *Yawns* I'm going to hit the hay early tonight. See you in the morning."

"Wait, you didn't have any dinner."

"I had takeout with my coworkers, so don't worry about it. *Yawns*"

"Alright, I guess."

As the door closed behind her, I felt a huge pit in my stomach. Like if something she not telling me. I'll ask her some other time.

Margaret is already asleep since before Victoria came back. For Cookie, she was going to stay up all night until Victoria came back. Now she has Cookie is finally asleep.

Cookie's Point Of View

The truth is, that I do remember that person. We meet up if each other most of the time. He is a British man and his name is Elliott Rocks.

He's kinda strange but he's not threatening me so that's okay. Rocks says that he's in the Mafia, but I always seemed it as joke. This was this one time Rocks introduced to me a friend of his named George Franklin, another British man.

Franklin was a bit of an oddball, he would take out a cigarette then he'll cut it in half and light both of them up and dipped them in gasoline. He always says that gives the cigarette a greater spark. But Franklin never used the cigarette, just play with them as if they were dolls. He's a weird one that's for sure.

Mental note; Keep distance from George Franklin.

Me and Rocks meet at a book store across town. I always get my books from there. But I'm only allowed to get one book after each and every two weeks, so that I'm not spending to much money. Well at least that what Victoria says. Anyways, I was at the book store but there wasn't any story books I liked.

Until Rocks came and gave me not a story book, but book about actually facts a well cared out knowledge. I'd thank him, and after that we just kept see each other. Like almost all the time, Rocks taught so many things from herbs to making medicine or poisons.

He has a hobby of peeking at girls while flirting with them. I'll admit that did took me off guard, but the more think of it. It actually fits with his personality. But if he goes too far I always give a wracking.

I always researched about the human body. But it's not enough. I need more, mich more. As go through all my books over and over again, while also searching through the internet. It's not enough, I need more! So I move on to animals, they are so more fascinating. But I still need more. I don't know what the cause of this hunger for knowledge, all I know is that I can't stop it.

Then it came to me, what happened to crossover of humans and animals. I read books, search on websites. The most half-breed like being would be a werewolf. When I learned that, I did something unspeakable.

I took a dog and done experiments on it. I did this all in secret. Not my friends nor sisters know about this. Back to the dog, it's Shiba Inu, it was about twelve years old, height thirty-five centimeter and weight around eight kgs. The colour of it was black and tan.

Through numerous of test and experiments, it all went to waste. Every injection had no effects, the food I gave it dose nothing too. So I came up something more sinister.

I kidnapped someone and dissect their brain. It was a easy procedure all did was just get some volatile anesthetics, halothane, fluothane and some penthane. Put them all together and you get... sleeping gas.

Doing that I dragged the man to a abandoned warehouse I use as my lab. He wasn't so heavy to me. Even though his weight is heavier that an average person.

When discussed him, I tried very carefully to damage the brain. When I did got my prize, I cut up the body and place each organ in wrapped boxes then put them in the fridge. For safe keeping. I then discussed the dog and place some human organs in it.

So far everything seems to be okay. The dog is still alive, and healthy too. My injections are finally taking effects. So are bad but some are good too. Most of tests have given me grande results. The dog has learned how to unlock it's cage, but never escapes. The dog also has a interest of books, it just keep looking at them like if it's in a trance.

The dog results were going fine and smoothly. But I felt something in the pit of my stomach, telling me that I can do more. So I moved on to experiments on pigeons. It was difficult though because the birds, don't last long or at all really. Just injecting them with a needle kills them.

I need help, so I reached out to my older sister Miss Kōdō. She is a knowledgeable person, so I ask some specific questions. Making sure I didn't expose myself. She answered every question like if it was normal at some way. Did she know? Did she knew what I was doing behind everyone's back?

Or is really just that trusting? Thinking of that made me want to hurl out all of my guilt. I'm so very sorry sisters, please forgive me.

That aside, with big sister knowledge I was able to keep the birds alive.

One day I realized something, about me, Margaret and Victoria. We are all clones it makes sense, how didn't I realize this before! But who? Who made us and why? Can't be big sister, she doesn't even know who we are. So who? Who?!

Then a thought came to me... it's all game. A game I control, I chose who lives and who dies. Is that the cause of my hunger, it wasn't knowledge. It was for entertainment, I was just bored. And science gave me interest, a sensation, a reason.

I love it.

So every day I would play chess, checkers and shogi. Just to keep me entertained myself. I would text online, read books just so I won't get bored. It's not much, but it's a start. My sisters are going to kill me after hearing this.

The other day I saw something, something strange. It was someone driving a car, they were wearing some bartender uniform. But that's not weird bit, when I saw them...

~They Were Headless~





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