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What if life happens the way it happens to show you that you are just that strong, for of you are always in a state of remembering, then you are in a consistent awareness of just what you are and in that means then you should keep in mind that everything will always be okay, even in the state of what is seemingly chaos and yet always working on the meaning of life(for the meaning of life changes based on what percentage of your perspective perspseotion, for then the truer meaning of life is to always be in a measure of seeing your being, "the true self, your highest self, for then the meaning of life is to be in an array of constant recall of relationship of self, a consistent reconfigure tell you get to your content state of your being, just to be; the state of being what is part of God being able to see God as a whole," at the same time as seeing yourself as a part of God, in motion of being God(all parts together, working as 1one; almost as if to be forming an idea a thought into being in a state of a thought in what we are all going towards....simply, what is a thought). 

For God is, a thought(whole and as 1one) and God is motion of self, because in the state of being a part, soul(what you are); as God is in a state of seeing itself in steps of creation, when God is faced with completion and seeks to know how it could of gotten to the point of a thought, so it created from thought(what is already in a constant state of just being), created motion(that of what is always changing, growing into).



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