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Nasty words will not be accepted,

In childish jokes and childish ways my generation is nothing but prostitutes; guys and girls. So remember when I said the Keeper of lights and true gifts, He records every word we all say good or bad, especially dirty filthy words like whoremongers we speaks and lusts within our eyes and souls, He will not keep, He will not accept, so if you think you will see the King, think again so speak clean, speak good to your sisters, speak good to your brothers, if your eyes lusts at anybody, you already defiled the temple your body; the temple of the Keeper of lights, so if you lust, you will die in your soul and in your mind, if you do it, if you try in the sheets, the beast has grabbed you, that wicked snake in your mind playing back over and over again, about that evil thing you did. So if my Keeper tells the beast "Kill them, take them home with you." Oh No! Oh No! What have you've done? Your gone from here, you went too soon, you went so early, how sad, how sad. Your soul is gone into that place, as naked you were when you've done wrong, you didn't care, but now you do, now you're home, you're home, how sad, how sad, Now look, you weep, you scream, you break your teeth against the rocks. You want to plead out, but you'll never be out; heartbreaking to me, to hear the King cry as he tells you "Too late, too late, you can't come back!" Too late, too late, how sad, how sad. So be careful what you do today as you're still alive today. Be careful what you say today, because your words will be a gift or be a trap to your soul. Now if you act like a prostitute and if you catch a curse afterwards. Cursed you are, cursed you'll be, with a spell you gave yourself, by your lustful eyes, by your lustful talk, by your flattery words, you flirtatious thing you lie, you lie, with a smooth tongue, you play that dangerous game with yourself, you're playing with your own soul afterwards. Now you're a fool, you think you can control, you break the hearts for long, for so many years even so my Keeper will allow you to go so far and then when due time you haven't changed your ways, He'll say to your evil dad "Take him home with you." So if you get a curse, you tricked yourself, he kills you there, he laughs so wickedly when you're dead, then he takes you home, you will regret, and when you get home, you're where your not supposed to be, you'll try to ask to start over again but too late, too late, you didn't care, too late, too late you're home in your mess, and home with so much filth so filthy is your home will be, now you cry, you weep, you scream in pain, you scream in great torment, bloody murder you scream so wild so bloody your cries will be, filled with great fear, your home will be. 


  • Feb 02, 2019

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