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We cannot cure our fears
We cannot cure our pain
They often lead to tears 
And thus they still remain

The elements  to fight
Can be a constant  fire
To get them out of sight
Our first step is our desire

I know it’s easy to say 
Can be a brutal challenge to start
But there is only one positive way
To extinguish a burning heart 

If desire is not attempted
To fight this fearful aching 
Then we are forever sentenced 
With a heart that’s always breaking 

I have no answer for others
That is not my style 
I face these razor sharp bothers
And you can in awhile 

There’s writing and confiding
There’s reading and research 
If we’re able to come out of hiding 
This step should be our first

There’s no guarantee that you’ll win
But to start may give you incentive 
And it might be a fierce one your in
But you may be very inventive 

Thus we consider the ways we can deal
And we search in ourselves for the best 
Knowing  these pains are for real 
Can give incentives to follow the quest

If desire blooms in our heart
And we’re able to fight the pains
If could be a wonderful start 
To a life of quality with gains


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