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Gynecomastia is a common disease or condition of men. The disease or condition happens in infancy or puberty age. Though this is not any vital disease or there are not any major physical effects of this condition, it really destroys the self-esteem as well as confidence. 

 That is why it needs to be treated as soon as possible so that the man does not suffer from other mental issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. When it comes to treatment of the Gynecomastia, a common question arise that is it possible to cure Gynecomastia with medication?

In this article, I will try to explain it. So read the article until the end to know the answer to this question. 

Can Gynecomastia be treated with medication?
Well, it depends on the situation. Only a doctor can tell this after checking the situation of the patient. That is why I always suggest people visit the doctor before taking any decision. If the doctor finds out that your condition can be cured by medication then he will go for it.

On the other hand, if he feels that your condition cannot be cured with medication then he will suggest you surgery. Since a lot of people are afraid of surgery, they avoid the step and start using medication. But the sad thing is that they start using medications without any prescription.

A lot of people out there who take Nolvadex as a medicine of Gynecomastia. It is an extremely bad idea. I am not saying that Nolvadex is a useless medicine. What I am trying to say is that you cannot take it as a medicine of Gynecomastia without consulting your doctor. You should consult the doctor first and then you might take Nolvadex.

Another thing I want to mention that in many cases, medication is not enough for the Gynecomastia. The condition cannot be cured fully with just medication. You might try it as the suggestion of the doctor. But as I said, it cannot be fully cured with medication, no matter what type of medication you are taking or what lifestyle change you bring in yourself.

Surgery is the only option here if you want to cure the Gynecomastia fully. Remember, I never said that all the cases are same. And I am not saying you need surgery to get rid of Gynecomastia. If the doctor suggests you take medicine then you should go for that without surgery. But most cases, doctor suggest surgery. 

Final verdict
After the discussion, what have we understood? In many cases, medication is not enough o cure the Gynecomastia. You need surgery. But if the doctor thinks you can be cured with medications then you can go for medications. If you want to use Nolvadex as a prescribed medicine of your doctor, you can go for it. You can visit Roidvisor before taking the Nolvadex. You will get some good information about Nolvadex.


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