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Chapter 4

Victoria's Job

It was ten in the morning, Victoria should be up right now. I looked at the clock again, she's going be late for work.

Your probably wondering why is Victoria have job. She's lazy, she too serious and can hold a straight conversation for only a minute. Well, this is the point of the story. Your going to read everything from Victoria side now. Enjoy~

Miss Kōdō Point Of View

"Victoria! Wake Up! Your going to be late for work!"

"*Groaned* I am up! I'm just putting my suit on!"

Victoria walks out of the bedroom with a tall black suit and a fedora hat. I stare at her surprised, she actually serious about this job. Then again, when is there anything when Victoria not serious.

"Wow~ Victoria you look so cool."

"Hey yeah! You look totally badass to the max!"

"Still believe you got a job. It's was if it was yesterday, you just being a lazy slump on the couch."

"Yeah, the world is full of surprise. *Yawns*"

"Hey Victoria! How come you have job in the first place?"

"To payback all the things that Big Sister bought us. Margaret I told you this before, can't you remember?*Yawns*"

"Oh yeah~"

"You know you don't need to pay me back, I gain the money on my own. I have job too."

"I know. I just think we should gain our own money. To put least stress off your shoulders. And if these two won't do it, then I'll will. We can't always rely on you all the time, can we? Plus doing this, pushes away the guilt too."

"Wow. Victoria. *Giggled* You sound so grownup. Don't grow too quickly though, you might leave me behind."


Did Victoria just stuttered? How cute~

After quickly eating breakfast again. Victoria walked to the door step and put on her shoes.

"Victoria! Have good time at work!"

"I will. *Yawns*"


"Yes Cookie?"

"Please be watch yourself, and take care."

"Thanks Cookie, will do. *Yawns*"

"Hurry up you don't want to be late your first day at work. That brings bad luck."

"I'm not worried too much. *Yawns* After all, the best works are always fashionable late."

"*Giggled* Who taught you that oneliner?"

"Margaret. *Yawns*"

"It was in one of my comics!"

Before Victoria walked at of the door, I'd fixed her tie and kiss her on the cheek.

"Alright, have a good day."

"Alright, Big Sister."

Victoria's Point Of View

I walked my way to work, it was far but at thirty minutes I took the bus and ride my way to my work place.

It was big building, and no one dare go near it. If they were picking a fight, or simply work. Which I do. I walk all a short matter of steps. I took a deep breath and slowly open the huge doors in front of me. The first thing I saw was a person a dark red suit, but it looked baggy.

"Well, well, well~ Your actually early... Miss Victoria Kōdō."

"See your doing well. Mr. Jen Horā."

"*Laughter* Your hilarious V. Truly one of a kind."

This man is Jen Horā. One of my diabolik co-workers. He is also my partner for this job. He is a man most people describe... horrifying, as in name Horā. Which translates to horror. But to me, he is some annoying guy with too many interests. He loves jokes, as you can tell and he always tells them so much that it annoys everyone. But I don't seem to mind it, I actually find them funny. It's when tease me it gets annoying and embarrassing.

I hear a pair of doors shut and some else walks closer from the shadows, with the smell of a poisonous fungus.

"What's going on? Woh! That cat's there already?! Agha! Don't look at me! I need to finish my makeup. *Runs Away*"

That guy was Elliott Rocks. He is British, he likes to gamble, knows how to fly a helicopter and he has a obsession of looking beautiful. The dude stinks of perfume, he constantly looks into his hand mirror and he wears high heels boots. He is not gay, cause his desk is full of magazines of model womens. And he thinks all men, other himself are hideous. He wears so much makeup that he's entire different person without it.

"*Laughter* Man, Rocks can be a real idiot. Am I right or am I right?"

"That makes us both. *Giggled*"

I heard another layer of foot steps. I saw a tall man with a white suit.

"Someone is not yawning I see."

"Nah~ I felt my tired self back at home. So no yawns today. But will return at night~"

"*Laughter* Jen right, you are hilarious."

"*Bows* Thank you for complaint. Mr. George Franklin."

This man is my superior, he is in the higher ups. Each worker has a rank, beginners usually start at rank C or D. I am rank C. But Franklin is rank A. One the top places for the best of the best, almost like to rank S. But what makes his so special that he started at rank A cause of his Unfindinding skills. I was given the chance to be a rank A myself, but no. I was going to like Franklin, it's true I'm lazy but it's dosen't mean I would carelessly take the easy road. No, I want to be better than him. So I'll work my way from the ground up. Then I can prove I'm better then him.

"Ah~ Victoria Kōdō. I was wondering when you'll arrived."


A man wearing red vest, white long sleeves, dark red pants, black shining and a pinot on his right chest pocket. He was tall, slim with a bit of buffed. His jawline was straight as arrow. Teeth glowing like if they were diamonds. Hair purple turns night sky blue. He is absolutely gorgeous. And this man is my boss.

"My, Victoria I so sorry. Did startled you?"

"Well you sure did took me by surprise, I'll say that."

"Is there something you requested from us? Boss."

"Yes Jen, there is. Both of you come to my office after you set up your desk."

"Yes, Boss!"

By this point, I should tell you what my job is. I work for the Mafia. None of sisters know, yet. How did I got caught up in this mess? It's a long story.


I was doing groceries, then I a newspaper flew into my face. It said that the Mafia attacked this gang. Sounds like a bunch rubbish, news reporters can be annoying.

"When will those idiot's ever learn?"

I then turn the page and saw these bunch little clips, they all had jobs on them.

"Maybe I should get a job. It would make things easier for big sister to gain money that way. Hmm~ *Sighed* I don't know. None of these jobs look like they earn any money. *Sighed*"

The paper flew out my hands and hit some else face. It was man, he wore a dark red suit. I think we both know who is this person is.

"Um... sir? Are you alright? Sorry about that I--"

"What is this?"

He removes the newspaper of his face and started to read it.

"This is bull****! They attacked us first, those idiot reporters!"

Huh? He agrees with me. Wait did he just said 'attacked us first'? Is he part of the Mafia? The man looks like it.


"Hmm~ oh, sorry. I do have a bad habit of doing that. Sorry again."

Is he part of the Mafia? He just seems so... nice.

"It's fine, it's just. What did you meant by 'us'? Are you part of the Mafia?"

"Shhhhh~ don't say that out loud. I don't want anyone calling the police or anything got it?"

I just simply nodded. I didn't realize then but that little encounter was the start of something fearsome.

Two weeks later I was doing groceries again. Then I saw in the distance was 'him' again. He seemed worried, like if someone was chasing him. When he saw me, he jogged straight to me.

"Hey, can I ask you a favor?"

A favor? Probably involves with whomever chasing him.

"Depends on what it is."

"You see those guys, behind me?"

I turn my head and saw to tall men a black suits. Their F.B.I! Whatever the hell is dragging me into I didn't want to be apart of it.

"I'm sorry, just play along."

"Wait wha---"

Before I knew it, we were kissing. This guy just kissed me on the lips! Just so that he would get found by the F.B.I! What I hated the most is that I actually liked it! Agha!!! I hate this flash back.

"Good, I think their gone. *Sighed* Huh? Uh... hey I'm sorry about that. I---"

He didn't finish his sentence, cause he saw how pissed I was.

"Give me one good reason for me to not PUNCH YOU TO THE NEXT TOWN OVER!"

"Ugh! Hey, hey, hey. Chill, chill. I---"

And just like that, I literally punched him onto a light pole. After that I'd walked off in an huffed. I really hoped I wouldn't see him ever again. But no, life decided this to be fate.

Next day. I doing the same thing, groceries. Then...

"What the hell you want?"

"Hey, I'm sorry for yesterday. Can we please step it side for now."

He was sorry, even after that. To me, a stranger.


"Come on, at least talk to me."

"Why should I? I don't even know!"


"What?! Not talking anymore? If have nothing to say then leave me alone."

I turn the opposite from him and started walk away, utill he said.

"My name is Jen!"

This guy is an totally idiot. He in the Mafia, he used me and now he telling me his name. Ugh~ you know what, forget it. I rises my hand towards to him and introduce myself.

"Victoria, it's nice to properly meet you."

"Ugh? *Chuckled* Yeah, same here."

But before he even touched my hand. The F.B.I men handcuffs him.

"Hey! What are you doing to him?!"

"Calm down miss. This man is part of the Mafia. Please take distance."

I didn't know what I was thinking back then. But I punched the guy in the face and then I got handcuffed too. Me and Jen were pushed into a car, and then drove to who knows where.

"You know if you didn't do that, you would be in this situation too."

"I have no regrets."

"Wait really?!"

"*Nodded* I don't care if your in the Mafia. You actually came to apologizes, even if I was a total stranger. You still *Yawns* said sorry."

"Uh... are you okay? You sound tired."

"*Yawns* Don't worry about it, it's normal."

"*Chuckled* If you say so."

Even if we were basically kidnapped. It was fine, cause I had Jen to talk with. We talk for quite a bit, we got to know each other better a little and yeah it's was actually fun.

"*Chuckled* Alright, alright hold up. Are you saying that you have not one, not two, but three identical sisters."

"Yeah. We call our oldest sister, big sister. *Yawns* While everyone else gets called by their actually names."

"*Chuckled* Victoria, your hilarious."

"It's a gift. Both a blessing and cures *Yawns*"

Like in a minute or so in conversation. We were hit. Like if something crashed into us, but who and why?

"*Chuckled* Took them long enough."

"What do you mean? *Yawns* Do you mean the Mafia?"

"Yep. Hold on to something, this is going to be a bumping ride. *Laughter*"

All of this remains me of one of the crime action movies I always watch. It was awesome, I literally couldn't stop smiling. I car got hit again. We then put on a complete stop. Both me and Jen was dragged out of car and into a abandoned building.

"Keep Moving!!!"

They threatened us with their guns against our backs.

"Go ahead, shoot. I sure headquarters would glad to know how you killed a innocence bystander."

"Shut up you! Just keep moving or I'll shoot him!"

As said that he removes his gun and pointed at Jen's head. I couldn't do anything so I'd listen and kept moving. We made our way to roof. There is no where to run. The two F.B.I workers seem weary, this was my chance. I spun around and kicked the gun out of idiot's hands. I walk backwards, caught the gun and aimed it at them. I felt a bit embarrassed that I was wearing dress.

"Put the gun down or he'll die!"

I didn't know what to do. How can make sure Jen didn't get killed. Then an idea came to me.



"Hands in the air! Now!"

He looked confused but does it despite it. I then used the gun, the bullet flew across the air and broke the chains of his handcuffs. He was free, now he understands my actions he spun around and punched the jerk in the face. He was out cold. He took his gun and pointed at the other F.B.I Baster.

"Hold it! You don't know what you doing?"

"Oh I think we do."

Jen then pointed at me, I rises my arms in the air and shot the chains of my handcuffs. Then the man was fighting with Jen, trying to take away the gun off him. The Baster actually got the gun and pointed at Jen.

"Put it down or I'll shoot! One! Two!---"

Before he finished I shot the man in the head. My first kill, not bad as I thought it would be. Then again, the both of them were complete ass holes.

"*Whistled* Not bad. First kill?"

"*Nodded* Yeah. But I'd wouldn't had to do if you didn't let him take the gun off you. *Yawns* So, what now?"

After saying that, Jen pointed his finger behind me upwards. I turn around to see a helicopter fly towards us. When it fly above us, a ladder went to the ground.

"Come on!"

They yelled from the helicopter. Jen grabs the ladder and then brings out his hand to me.

"You heard him, we should be probably get going!"


"Come on Sweetheart, by this point your as screwed as me. There's no escaping it!"

He was right, I killed a F.B.I agent. When I did that, there was no way of turning back. Not back then or now. I laughed and took his hand. He pulls me in and holds me by the waist. As the ladder dragged us up and off the ground. We both entered the helicopter.

"Hey Jen! Whose the girl?"

"Her name is Victoria, she joining us today."

"Really?! Nice to meet you sweetheart! Names Elliot Rocks!"

"Victoria, it's a pleasure. *Yawns*"

"She's quite a cutie you got there."

"I know, I think I'll plan on marrying her in the far future."

"Wait What?! I didn't heard this before?! Listen here, I didn't agree for any marriage! We still don't know each other!"

"We will soon, when you start working for the Mafia."

There's more but I rather not continue from there. It's too embarrassing.


We both were on our way to Boss's office. I feel a huge weight on my shoulders. Oh wait, no it's just Jen. He had both hands on my shoulders, he leans down and whispers into my ear.

"Nerve wracking right? Don't worry, you'll get used to it."

"Hands off, unless you want to lose them."

"*Removes Hands* Ouch~ why are you so mean?"

"I'm not being 'mean', I'm simply being serious. That's all."

"Alright, alright. Before we get in there, there's one more thing I want to say."

"Oh, what might that be?"

He leans down towards my ear and whispers again and said.

"You looked beautiful in that suit. But you better with the dress~"

I grabbed his arm and then threw him through the door. While slowly walking in after. I am red as a tomato! How the hell can he confidently say things so embarrassing?!

"*Coughs* You can deny it. But we both know like it~"

"This is why I'm so serious around you. Cause you keep saying so many embarrassing things!"

"*Clearing Throat* If you two done with your lover spat. I would like to explain your first mission together."

"Yes Boss! Sorry Boss!"

"Then let's begin~"





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