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My fellow amateurs I let you know today, my fellow young mens & my fellow young women, all you with different tongues and tribes, with different backgrounds and heritage, listen to my heart as I'm here to say that I love every single one of you deeply so much, so listen to me my fellow generation.

I say to all of you today; your parents might cuss, your parents might hurt, your parents will mess up, they will be wrong, but when they scream plz don't fight, when they hurt you deep inside; please don't wish the same for them, though they might be wrong, still hug, still kiss, though some might throw your gifts away and damage you with their unclean words, yes it hurts it burns so bad of what they say but remember not to sin; love them and obey; even when they fight you, love them and respect, even when they hurt you, they make mistakes; they're imperfect too, so please don't cuss and please don't fight, please don't run away and if you pass away after cussing your dad and cussing your mother; you might ask "Why did I die?" You've passed away just cuz of that. So be careful if you might be shot or you come up missing, while your mom cries, & your brothers weep, you passed away just because of that of what you did and what you said the King will say to the wicked one "Do as you wish."  Too late, too late, you can't come back, your home, your home in a desert place, Oh how sad will it be; heartbreaking to me, you'll have your reward but not with the King of lights, so be careful on earth, what you say to your mothers, be careful on earth what you say to your fathers. Be careful on earth what you do to your brothers, be careful on earth how you treat your sisters. If you have enemies; don't treat them like dirt don't show no shade, if you have foes don't go post up, that's only the wicked one controling their anger; the evil servants you cannot see, it's not your enemy that hates you that you fight and can see, but it's that wicked snake that sows discords. Show your enemy love because he's hurt; you don't understand the pain they may feel, so don't go post up; nor guns, nor knives, don't go post up with tazers insight, cause if you fight, if you bruise, ever body you beat is a temple, but a temple of the Keeper of lights, so if you fight, the King will win; if you cuss He will record, every word you say He does not miss, every word you say good or bad, your heart that speaks so you are your heart. They say follow your heart but No!

Follow your gut instead where the Keeper lives, your heart is evil; you cannot know what's inside, don't trust it you will be decieved, don't follow you will be a fool. And if you follow empty dreams and empty things that folks may say to give you attention, that people may say "I love you." But remember the wicked beast; He was so lovely so lovely as ever but he decieved the King, and broke his heart. So He threw the wicked beast down to the abyss and nevermore he stands in His face, so remember when you give your heart away to Judas, don't trust him, don't trust her, you will regret. No looks should fool you, their forms will trick you, their curves might be lies, their abs may be traps, so remember the beast, he was sexy too but look how he treated my Keeper of lights, look how he lied to the King of lights, but still he did not hold the King, the King holds h down still as he was. And still he lays without power. So remember everything I'm telling you now, just remember my rythms when you go to sleep.


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    You continue to amaze me with your Inspirational message and the quality of your writing

    Feb 01, 2019

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