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Principality go away,

Principality don't want your sorrow near.

It's cloudy, it's dark, heaviness why do you try to stay?

Big ghost go away,

Big ghost you're making me low.

So please let me be so I can have rest.

Though it feels I can't fight, but with this pencil I fight you. Stop raining your gloom, leave me be.

You deceit, I don't trust you,

You hurt, I truly hate you-

Take your whoredoms and take your loneliness, away from me, and you; you try to stand before the King of lights;

Y'all think I'm playing it's not a joke I said it before, again and again, and I'll tell it again.

No evilness shall stand in front of my Keeper of lights.

He's way too strong how can you try?

He's way too big,

Bigger than you.

Though you are bigger than I; my Keeper's the one. The strongest of em' all.

You can't compete, you cannot win, 

You always loose, but the King will triumph over all darkness he will.

The King, the King 'O' humble and true.

The King of lights, 

All Hail The Humble King, enthroned above, who dares to take his place?

Nobody ever could, nobody ever would.

He was on His throne before the beginning of time, all you ghosts you familiar spirits, you decieved the earth,

Say your the dead that's living again,

On earth y'all think it's okay to trick?

But you ghosts you say,

That lives again, but really I know too much, familiar things you say, you're from the graves, but how can you possibly be alive again?

It's too late, the dead is gone, they will not return to this wretched place, where time is running out; but as you ghosts say,  you're the living dead, but I know too much; you're familiar creatures, still demons you are. You say you're my uncle, you say you're my granny, but they passed away, they will not return, but how can you say, you familiar things that you are them? But I know too much, you cannot deciet, I know too much still demons you are. You shift & you shape, you change your forms, like humans you look, Oh what a fake; like phoneys you play, like liars you are. Oh ghosts you say? Yes familiar things you are. You're not my granny that passed away, you're not my uncle been dead years ago. Nor my loved ones that moved on no more.

Even the ones before I was born.

You say I know you, but surely I don't.

Familiar spirits demons you are.

Keep away, you're not invited, if you enter in you surely will burn by power,

Power of lights you will get. 

The Keeper of lights that makes you fear, 

Tremble before my Keeper.

You wicked beings of darkness, keep away from me and we won't fight, but if you try I'll tell the King. 


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    Maurice Beres

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    Feb 01, 2019

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